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Product Warranty

All Omron Microscan products receive a one year standard warranty, except those products noted below. Extended one and two year warranty coverage is available for most products for an additional cost only at the time of product purchase. For more information, please contact the Inside Sales Department at +1 425-226-5700 or toll-free at 1-800-762-1149.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can an extended warranty be purchased after placing an order? If so, how long after?

No – it must be purchased at the time the product is ordered.


Is the NERLITE product line covered by the extended warranty program?

No – NERLITE products fall under the standard Omron Microscan one year warranty.


Will any product that is already registered in Omron Microscan’s previous three year warranty program be honored to its completion?


What is the repair time under the warranty policy?

Omron Microscan will repair items under warranty within 10 days, and out-of-warranty items within 15 days.