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What Is Verification?

Barcode Verification and Label Inspection

Can these marks be read by your scanners? Or by your customers' systems?

Legible, accurate barcodes and text have never been more important than they are today. Inconsistencies in quality can lead to process inefficiencies and downtime; unreadable barcodes may require re-labeling, re-scanning, or even manual entry of critical information by a human operator. Inconsistent quality may also result in expensive vendor non-compliance fines and other penalties, plus damage the labeled product’s perceived quality.

Readability of barcodes is determined by how well a barcode reader can decode the data stored in the symbol. Understanding the primary reasons for decoding failures can save operators valuable time and effort when diagnosing reading issues. Once the cause of barcode unreadability is defined, it can be addressed by taking simple, preventative measures.

Microscan’s barcode verifiers are embedded off-line or inline solutions that include camera, software, and precision illumination specifically designed for the verification of 1D/2D codes and direct part marks to ISO/IEC standards. LVS® in-line inspection systems feature OCR, OCV, and blemish detection which provides 100% label inspection against a label reference image and expected label content.

Benefits of Barcode Verification Systems

  • Comply with symbol quality industry standards and directives
  • Maximize efficiency of your manufacturing process
  • Control quality in real time as you verify the output
  • from your printer or code marking equipment
  • Minimize returned goods due to bad labels
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Produce informative verification reports

Machine Vision Verification

The quality, legibility, and accuracy of marked text and barcodes can be easily checked with Microscan machine vision technology. Our intuitive AutoVISION® machine vision software features powerful tools for both symbol quality verification and text quality verification (OCV). Using AutoVISION software, smart cameras and lighting, a user can set up a complete verification system to determine barcode quality at any level of quality grading, including conformance to three global verification standards: ISO 15415, AIM DPM, and ISO 15416. AutoVISION’s OCV tool inspects the quality and confirms the legibility of printed text.