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What is Machine Vision Verification?

Machine Vision verification is a means of measuring the quality of 1D and 2D barcodes against published barcode quality standards such as: 

  • ISO 15414/AIM DPM     :2D Symbols
  • ISO 15416                        :1D Symbols

Machine Vision verification systems assign grades to barcodes for their ability to meet specific evaluation parameters for each published quality standard.

Verification results are expressed in grades such as:

  • 4 / A = Perfect
  • 0 / F = Very Poor

Machine Vision verification is CAMERA BASED and relies on a smart camera to capture images of the barcode. 

  • Images are captured for processing by Machine Vision Software

What is the difference between reading barcodes and verifying barcodes?


  • Reading tells you only that the code can be read right now by your reader.  It may still be unreadable by your customer's needs


  • Verification tells you not only that you can read a mark, but also how close you are to the edge of readability OR if you are heading that way.  It ensures that any suitable reader can read.