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Omron Microscan Lighting Selector

How do I know which light I need?

Light selection is dependent upon the part size, surface features, part geometry and system needs. Generally speaking, you can use the following chart to select a lighting technique. For help, contact one of our NERLITE sales engineers.

Applications/Desired Results  Lighting Technique
  • Locate or measure outside dimensions
  • Outline a part's shape, find edges and view openings such as drilled holes.
  • Diminish clear glass or plastic housings
  • Measure thickness of materials
  • Available in red, white, blue, UV, and infrared, in Edge to Edge and Large Area Series



  • Fill-in center of image with light
  • Evenly illuminate flat shiny surfaces
  • Enhance scribed, indented or embossed features
  • Create contrast between specular, diffuse or absorptive surfaces
  • Available in red, white, blue, infrared 
DOAL Illuminator

  • Even out very bumpy specular surfaces
  • Makes glass and clear plastic container surfaces disappear
  • Reduces shadows
  • Ideal for extremely difficult specular surfaces
  • Available in red or white 
CDI Illuminator

  • Make textured surfaces appear bright
  • Emphasize elevation changes
  • Enhance contrast of embossed or engraved surface features
  • Differentiate between specular & diffused surfaces
  • Available in red, white or blue 
Dark Field Illuminator

  • Illuminate flat, diffused surfaces
  • Cost-effective
  • Good for diffused surfaces
  • Variety of sizes, colors and wavelegths available 

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