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The QX-1 interface device is a powerful accessory to complement and simplify installation of QX Platform products. Featuring the Quick Connect system with M12 Ultra-Lock connectors, and IP65 industrial sealing, the QX-1 device distributes power, communications, and I/O.


The IB-131 interface box simplifies scanner connection for the MS-9 scanner by providing a direct 10-28V connection to the host, power supply, and external triggering device. The IB-131 may be used in standalone, multidrop, or daisy chain configurations.

IB-150IB-150 Series 

The IB-150 series devices simplify connectivity and wiring. Devices include:
IB-150: Links scanner to the host, power supply, trigger and aux port.
 IB-151: Standard Ethernet (RJ45) and USB (USB-B) connectivity-enabled.
 IB-152: Custom terminal strip wiring options.

IB-3 Series  

The IB-3 series devices simplify connectivity in configurations requiring the MS-3, MS-4 or MINI HAWK series. Devices include: 

IB-3PC: Keyboard wedge and serial interconnect device.
IB-3USB: Keyboard wedge and USB interconnect device.
IC-3USB: USB is enabled, 5 VDC provided, no separate power supply required.
IC-332: connect point for IB-131, 5 VDC provided, and provides optoisolation.

Power Packs

Omron Microscan Power Packs are used to power Omron Microscan equipment. The Power Packs are available in different configurations.

Object Detector

The Object Detector kit includes an infrared photo detector complete with cable, connector, mounting bracket and screws. When installed and connected to an Omron Microscan reader, it is used to detect objects within its range and send triggers that initiate read cycles.

Mounting Arm

The mounting arm is made of marine-grade powder-coated aluminum. The ball (which forms the joint) is made of injection-molded rubber and grips the mount firmly in place, minimizing any movement or vibration of the reader. Mounting arms can be rotated into almost any direction to allow flexible positioning of your barcode reader.

Mounting Plates

Mounting plates are designed for the easy attachment of readers into your application. The mounting plates are a flat attachment with pre-drilled holes that align with specified readers. Mounting plate kits include required mounting hardware.

Right Angle Mirrors

Right Angle Mirrors are available for many Omron Microscan readers. This accessory is useful where alternative mounting is necessary, particularly in tight places and where a wider scan width or field of view is required at shorter ranges.

DN-120DN 120 

DeviceNet is a communication protocol used in the automation industry as a quick and economical way to network a variety of devices. The DN-120 interface box easily connects any scanner or reader to a DeviceNet network.

IB-890 Interface Box

The IB-890 Interface Box is an optional wiring accessory for the MS-890 scanner. The interface box is easy to wire, and makes switching scanners on the line as easy as removing only 4 standard screws. Using the IB-890 allows external devices such as light stacks, hand held readers or stop-line devices, to be connected and controlled by the scanner.