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Industry leaders within electronics depend on lean manufacturing and efficient use of resources to produce the highest quality products. Effective shop floor data collection is a competitive advantage. Omron Microscan’s barcode and machine vision solutions provide reliable product inspection and traceability to support electronics manufacturing throughout the entire production process.

Read Any 1D/2D Symbol or Direct Part Mark (DPM)

Decode any linear barcode or 2D symbol, printed on labels or directly marked on parts, with 100% reliability even in challenging decoding conditions and variable symbol quality. Ultra-compact devices offer the best fit within OEM equipment, while X-Mode decode algorithms ensure data capture without fail.

Application Examples

  • Component Traceability
  • Time/Date Stamping
  • WIP Tracking
  • Recall Management
MicroHAWK Readers MicroHAWK Readers
QX Hawk QX Hawk
Mobile Hawk Mobile Hawk
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Verify Barcode Quality & Compliance

We offer a variety of offline and inline verification solutions that include camera, software and precision illumination specifically designed for the verification of 1D/2D codes to industry standards.

Application Examples

  • ISO/IEC Print Quality
  • DPM Mark Quality
  • Data Accuracy
  • Data Sequence
LVS-9510 LVS-9510
LVS-9580 LVS-9580
Verification Kits Verification Kits
barcode verification for electronics manufacturing

Inspect Parts & Assembly

Omron Microscan machine vision solutions provide precision product inspection to ensure quality and accuracy. Our products include machine vision software, smart cameras, and complete inspection systems.

Application Examples

  • Label Presence & Position
  • Presence of Components
  • Dimensional Testing
  • Text (OCR & OCV)
  • Reject Identification
MicroHAWK Cameras MicroHAWK Cameras
Vision HAWK Vision HAWK
PanelScan PanelScan
machine vision for electronics manufacturing

Industries Served

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor
  • Machine Builder
  • SMT Line Equipment Supplier
  • Test Equipment Supplier


Microscan offers a wide range of solutions to meet industry standards including:

  • SEMI
  • GS1

Electronics Manufacturing Resources

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