Industrial Automation



December 2017

How UDI Compliance Can Be The Key To Digitally Transforming Quality Assurance

2020 is a year etched into the minds of many medical device manufacturers (MDMs). Not only does the United States Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) UDI compliance date for Class I and non-classified devices fall in that year, it’s also the year the recently approved European medical device regulations (MDR) go into effect. These impending deadlines have MDMs taking a long, hard look at their labeling to make sure they can meet the various labeling requirements in the countries where they do business.

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Dashing Through the Warehouse: How Barcodes Bring Holiday Gifts to Your Doorstep

A century ago, today’s process of getting your holiday orders delivered would have seemed as magical as Santa’s reindeer-driven sleigh. What prevents the holidays from turning into a holy mess? You can probably guess – it’s our good friend the barcode!

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Keeping Medical Devices Safe and Reliable: The New MDR and IVDR Regulations

The Medical Device Regulations (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulations (IVDR) will be implemented gradually over the next few years, but affected manufacturers will need to get started on compliance as soon as possible due to the significantly expanded requirements. Although it might not be immediately apparent, these new developments on the European market have a lot to do with Omron Microscan’s world of barcode scanning and imaging devices.

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The Ubiquitous Barcode

They’re everywhere! Whether they present themselves as zebra stripes or pixelated whorls, there’s just no escaping those pesky little patterns. Yet barcodes simplify life in many ways, and the concept of the barcode itself is really quite simple. Though the specimens may look complex, they’re all basically machine-readable representations of whatever data needs to be recorded and tracked.

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