Industrial Automation



November 2017

How Omron Microscan Helps Manufacturers Stay Lean

‘Tis the season, and individuals and businesses alike are striving to get through the holidays without taking on too much extra weight. With rising pressures to cut costs, beat competition, and produce the optimal amount of product to meet demands, it’s no surprise that a methodology dedicated to eliminating wasteful efforts, improving quality, and streamlining operations is constantly referenced in the world of manufacturing.

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ISO: Raising Your Standards

Perfectly summarizing the motivation for setting global standards, the slogan of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) declares that “Great things happen when the world agrees.”  By standardizing label layouts, barcode quality, and symbology parameters, ISO plays a key role in the same field as Omron Microscan.

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Do You Speak Barcode? Decoding the Global Language of GS1

The constant chatter of barcodes and scanners underpins supply chain systems and automated processes all over the world. Ultimately, these ubiquitous interactions connect the digital world to the physical objects we purchase and use every day. To make such connections work on a global scale requires more than just careful planning. It requires a whole new language.

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Latching Onto Barcodes Like a Bird of Prey: Understanding MicroHAWK Autofocus

Imagine what a nuisance it would be if a barcode reader could only decode an image when it was placed exactly five inches from the lens and perfectly centered. Entire assembly lines would need to be built around this magic distance of five inches, costing factories exorbitant amounts of time and money to get things just right. Fortunately, that’s not how barcode readers like the MicroHAWK work.

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Happy Birthday! The Barcode Turns 65!

October 2017 marked the 65th anniversary of the barcode! In October of 1952, the first barcode concept, inspired by Morse Code, was officially documented and patented. If you are just starting your journey in the barcode world, here are some basics of  barcode technology and its history.

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