Industrial Automation



September 2017

The Whats, The Whys and The Hows of Professional Service Offerings by Microscan

Many of our current customers tend to operate lean and are hyper focused on productivity, yield and quality.  In many cases, they may not have teams of people in place that are experts on things like barcode traceability, machine vision or barcode verification. This is where we can help. Microscan has dozens of customer-facing employees that have ten, fifteen, twenty, or more years of experience across different industries and applications.

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Barcode Scanner VS. Barcode Imager: How do you know which one is right for you?

Choosing the right technology for your application is a critical decision, as the wrong selection can result in serious set backs both fiscally and in production.  As a manufacturer, you should assess the best technology and product to meet your specific application needs.  At a minimum, this assessment should include: cost, size, speed, barcode quality and your application industry.


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The Number One Reason For Pharmaceutical Recalls

Product recalls are a terrible position for any company to be in. Recalls not only affect profits, but also damage a brand’s reputation for months or years depending on the severity of the recall. A product recall in the pharmaceutical industry can be especially disastrous, particularly if the recall involves sterile products, medications, or other items that could directly harm the consumer.

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