Industrial Automation



May 2017

Is Your Label Production Operation Running Blind? In-Line vs. Off-Line Label Inspection and Verification

Is your print quality inspection or barcode verification system able to catch individual errors that may occur during production, such as misprints, printer maintenance problems or debris causing blemishes, or sequential data printing errors? In addition to fines or rejected shipments due to poor quality barcodes or incorrect labels, manufacturers have to take on the costs and other negative impacts resulting from process downtime, regulatory issues, and upset customers. Implementing both barcode and print quality verification systems in their operations will help manufacturers guarantee legibility and standards compliance, and keep any noncompliant labels out of the supply chain.

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Finding Your Ideal Barcode

There are more than 100 different barcode symbologies to choose from, and no single barcode has a universal business application. That’s why finding the symbology that works best for your specific application is extremely important. How can your business navigate among all the different kinds of available barcodes? How can you make the right choice that will ensure a proper long-term job for your company? What factors need to be considered when implementing a specific type of barcode for your organization?

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Big News for Tiny Codes

Does size matter? In our industry – YES! Space, or the lack of it, can be a challenge when placing barcodes or Data Matrix Symbols on different components. As laser printing technology advances, so does the ability to print smaller and smaller codes onto a variety of surfaces via DPM (Direct Part Mark) and 2D symbols. The size of the code, the type of material it’s printed on and the curvature of the surface are huge factors when trying to read tiny codes and keep costs down. Even if you have the space to place a tiny code, how do you read it? 

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Automation. Verification. Innovation.

Did you miss us at Automate 2017, the leading Automation Show in North America? Wondering what it was like to be a part of the Microscan booth? Well I’m here to fill you in on all the details – from solutions we showcased to presentations to videos.

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