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This summer, Microscan has been connecting with our customers in their regions to help share our knowledge of automation technology, such as machine vision inspection and barcode reading. Since 1982, Microscan has blazed a trail in automation history, from our invention of the 2D symbology known as Data Matrix (now widely applied in electronic product identification from consumer packaged goods to PCBs and machined parts) to the release of our award-winning and user-friendly AutoVISION machine vision products. Now we are taking our over 30 years of industry leadership into the field to educate newcomers and experts alike about the latest solutions available for helping manufacturers automate processes from identification, data tracking, and traceability to quality control, defect detection, and compliance to industry standards.

Globally, the adoption of automation technology by businesses great and small has been increasing exponentially. In manufacturing environments, barcode readers and machine vision products help to reduce costs, increase yields, improve product quality, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Barcode readers can be used to automatically gather product or process data for real-time visibility of operations and for historical record keeping (track and trace applications). Industrial machine vision systems enable automated inspection and process control to ensure that every product leaves the facility in peak condition and that production performance remains high.

Recognizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the latest compact automation tools, many engineers, designers, and buyers are tasked with improving their companies' bottom line by researching new automation technologies to find the solution that will yield the greatest ROI. However, this may be a daunting challenge for those who are new to automation, and the question of where to start is sure to be familiar to those who have had little exposure to the world of automated identification and control technologies.

To provide a jumping-off point for several young professionals local to our Northern China sales region, Microscan held an introductory seminar in Dalian, China, to present the basics of barcode and machine vision. Below are several photos from this recent event where attendees gathered with our product experts in at the Dalian Swish Hotel.

Above, Microscan Applications Engineer Allan Wang and Regional Sales Manager Kaka Zhao present Microscan barcode and machine vision technology to the audience, providing foundational knowledge about both the technology's application as well as Microscan customer case studies. Several real-life examples offered the attendees ideas about how to use barcode and machine vision technology to solve automation challenges in their own production lines.

In addition to the presentation, the Microscan team showcased Microscan products in live demos and software tutorials. Above, Allan and Kaka demonstrate Microscan's AutoVISION machine vision software and ESP barcode software - two platforms that uniquely support the breadth of Microscan's machine vision and barcode product lines. In an active demo, Microscan's QX-870 industrial raster barcode scanner was shown reading several barcodes at once with its sweeping laser, while the liquid lens imaging capability of the QX Hawk barcode reader and Vision HAWK smart camera were demonstrated reading 2D codes rotating at high speeds.

A break in the presentation allowed Microscan team members to talk to visitors about the capabilities of each product in the demo. Attendees with questions about meeting specific project needs using Microscan technology were also able to get feedback from our product experts about several possible solutions.

Microscan looks forward to meeting with more industry professionals in the future to spread the word about the benefits of machine vision and barcode automation technologies around the globe. By choosing Microscan, these manufacturers can rely on more than 30 years of industry-leading expertise and have confidence in powerful automation technology that enables optimal process efficiency and goes beyond cost-savings by ensuring ease and accuracy in every operation.
Do you have a project that would benefit from automation, but aren't sure which technology is right for you? Let our engineers evaluate your requirements and suggest a solution.  
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