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Is There a Secret Language?

What would you say if I told you that there is a language that is understood all over the world? What would you say it is? I have heard this question a few times in my life and depending on my mood I might suggest Latin, Esperanto, C++, or HTML.

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GS1: A Little Validation Goes a Long Way

GS1 is an international association dedicated to the development and implementation of global standards to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply-and-demand chains globally and across multiple sectors. You can think of them as the rule-makers who oversee all of these sectors to ensure that employees and their business systems speak a common language. 

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Journey from Can to Carton for an Inside Look at Barcode and Machine Vision in Packaging

There is a strict qualification process that determines which food items will make it to your cupboard - and it doesn 't rely solely on your shopping list and good taste! Automated packaging systems today employ a series of highly regulated checkpoints to guarantee the integrity of each and every food product available on the market.

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UDI Has Not Reached UID Proportions, But It Is Coming

The aim of the UDI program, (the proposed rules for which were published this July by the FDA), is to provide a permanent unique ID for each device. This ID could be used as an index into a database that will contain critical data for each device - no matter where the device has been or how it has otherwise been altered. 

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