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The Marketing team loves seeing our Partners recognized for their innovative and successful solutions to customer challenges. I wanted to call out eSolutions for recently being published in Vision Systems Design for their out-of-the-box approach to forestry automation. Pike Lumber asked eSolutions to develop a vision system for automatic log diameter measurement of trees that have already been cut down but still need to be cut into lengths and have their limbs removed.

In this example, eSolutions developed a way for operators to automatically measure timber logs without leaving the inside of the loader cabin. A 5-megapixel Visionscape CCD GigE Camera was mounted to the exterior of the Tigercat tree loader which gives the operator the board feet measure reading (the length and diameter and thus how many boards can be manufactured from a given log). In the past this measuring process was done by hand and took a lot of time and heavy manual labor, and wasn't always accurate.

A Microscan Visionscape GigE camera mounted on the outside of a Tigercat 240B loader means greater accuracy, less time, and fewer man-hours.

With this new process, the tree is positioned within the field of view of the Visionscape GigE Camera. Here, the loader points the log directly at the camera so the measurement can be taken.

The Visionscape user interface provides immediate measurement data and other real-time feedback.

Greg Hilbert, President of eSolutions, told me that " there is no limit to using data collection technologies for solving problems." Way to go eSolutions! Click here to read the original article.

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