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Shaina Warner

Marketing Specialist

Shaina is the Marketing Specialist at Microscan headquarters in Renton, WA. Shaina maintains the Microscan blog, community website, and social media and supports the Microscan marketing team in content production, events, and online marketing.

Recent posts by Shaina Warner

Don't Let Production Lines Run Blind - Keep an Eye on All Operations in Your Facility with Vision Wrangler

Prevention has become just as important as production in today 's manufacturing world. As wonderful as it is to see dollars streaming in as a result of products going out the door, profits can easily be affected if quality or compliance issues arise after products have made their way to the

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With Great Panelization Comes Great Responsibility

If you work in PCB assembly or electronics manufacturing environments, you 're probably already familiar with PCB "panels," or multiple, identical PCBs arranged together in a grid. The process by which these grids are produced is appropriately called panelization, and there are key benefits to its practice.

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From Circuit to Smart Phone - Learn the Role of Barcode and Machine Vision in Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

Electronic devices like smart phones continue to evolve into more compact and capable machines. We rely on our devices to help us manage even more daily tasks, critical transactions, and personal information than ever before. Consumer electronics manufacturers are therefore under tight scrutiny for their ability to produce technology of

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