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Jason Dobbs

Product Manager

Jason Dobbs joins us from Crane Electronics where he spent the last 9 years managing lines of business and programs for Crane’s Aerospace and Medical electronics division. Prior to Crane, Jason spent time in sales/service with Honeywell, Soundair and Heatcon. Jason has an ASAE from Spartan School of Aeronautics, and both a BS in Business Administration and MBA from University of Phoenix.

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Tips for Embedding a Barcode Reading or Inspection Device that Will Last the Life of Your System

As technology advances, manufacturing is becoming more and more automated. Robots are becoming the standard in most manufacturing lines that require fast, repetitive, precise placement of components. There are five things to consider when choosing an embed­ded machine vision camera, auto ID imager, or laser scanner for an application: barcode type and orientation, inspection parameters, application speed, integration space, and data communication needs.

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