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Microscan in the Community
by Kyle O'Brien on 二月 3, 2011
posted in Other Topics

Microscan is a company that likes to give back to the community and strongly believes in supporting local science and technology education. Microscan hosted a Science and Technology Day at a local Massachusetts public middle school. Over 50 6th graders took part in an interactive day learning about barcodes and illumination. Kyle O’Brien, Microscan’s Manager of Product Management, and Thomas Driscoll, Microscan’s Engineering Manager located in Nashua, NH traveled to the McCarthy Middle School in Chelmsford, MA to educate these 6th grades on imaging, barcode and lighting technology.


Posted by Kyle O'Brien,  OEM Sales Manager, Clinical
Kyle O’Brien is the OEM Sales Manager for the clinical industry at Microscan’s Technology Center in Nashua, NH. He is an international speaker on unit level traceability with focus in the Electronics, Automotive, and Life Science markets. He currently addresses OEM customer requirements to help provide comprehensive solutions for the clinical and life sciences industry.


Adam Felzani
二月 10, 2011 15:28下午
Hi Kyle- Thank you so much for coming to my classroom! My students had a truly memorable experience, opening up their minds to Science and Technology that they've witness, but never questioned, in their entire lives! I owe you one! Great presentation! Adam Felzani McCarthy Middle School P.S. your daughter did choose your presentation the best...although she still wants to grow up and be a teacher!! =)

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