Case Studies

The following case studies highlight real customer applications. Learn how manufacturers worldwide have incorporated Microscan machine vision and barcode technology into their processes to cut costs, enable end-to-end traceability, and ensure accuracy.


Precision Machine Vision Inspection Systems Ensure Product Quality and Process Efficiency at Foxconn Technology Group  NEW!

In manual inspection processes, lack of precision, high risk of human error, and staffing and training costs greatly impede operational efficiency. To ensure fast and accurate inspection of apertures in their customer's digital camera housing, Foxconn Technology Group chose Microscan high-performance Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) cameras to replace manual inspectors and ensure accurate inspections within 0.01 mm.
Product usedVisionscape® GigE Camera
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Microscan Vision MINI® Xi Smart Camera Provides Product Authenticity Documentation for Electronics Traceability System  NEW!

With counterfeit product in the marketplace, manufacturers of quality electronics look to barcodes to enable part traceabilty. Innovar Systems Limited, Microscan Integrator, installs new equipment into their customer's inkjet application system to ensure not only that parts are marked and read, but that marks are verified against AIM DPM barcode quality standards for long-term legibility.
Product used: Vision MINI® Xi Smart Camera and MS-2D Engine
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Microscan Gigabit Ethernet Cameras Provide Ampoule Inspection in the Pharmaceutical Industry

ISW GmbH, Microscan Vision Select Partner, designs a turnkey hardware/software solution for the pharmaceutical industry to specifically ensure accurate dimensions and fill levels of ampoules in production, using machine vision inspection with Microscan high-performance Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) cameras to replace error-prone manual quality control processes.
Product used: Visionscape® GigE Camera
Industry: Pharmaceutical

Smart Cameras and Machine Vision Software Ensure Correctness and Readability of Data Matrix Codes for Device Traceability

BRUNATA-METRONA places great importance on the quality of its products, including the readability of product codes for manufacturing and supply chain traceability. To ensure this accuracy, the company chose Microscan Vision HAWK smart cameras, capable of reading several small Data Matrix codes on each product from variable distances.
Product used: Vision HAWK Smart Camera and AutoVISION Machine Vision Software
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

CIPAM’s All-in-One DPM Readers with 2D Barcode Imagers from Microscan Ensure Surgical Instrument Traceability

Surgical instrument traceability is crucial for patient safety and preventing loss of valuable assets. Microscan partner CIPAM developed an all-in-one station for reading any direct part marks (DPM) on the surfaces of surgical instruments, allowing operators to easily check in instruments for use.
Product used: MINI Hawk Imagers
Industry: Life Sciences

Integrated 2D Imaging Improves Production Yield, Quality, and Traceability at Each Step of the PCB Manufacturing Process

Prodrive Technologies incorporates a scan conveyer at each stage of a PCB manufacturing line to trace parts throughout production, and uses a tiny but powerful imaging engine to track each part by reading barcodes of various colors directly marked on a range of surfaces.
Product used: MS-2D Engine
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Machine Vision Provides Fast and Precise Defect Detection in Electronics Packaging

Packaging solutions provider Superpak uses automated, inline machine vision inspection to ensure precise dimensional measurements of carrier tape for electronic components, replacing manual quality checks for improved consistency and continuous production.
Products used: Vision HAWK Smart Camera and NERLITE® Edge to Edge Backlights
Industry: Packaging

Tier One Automotive Supplier Ensures Quality of Grille Opening Reinforcements with Marking and Decoding Solution

Tier One automotive supplier Van-Rob uses direct part marks and HS-41X imagers to successfully track a base component of automotive grille reinforcements throughout the quality process.
Product used: HS-41X Handheld Imager
Industry: Automotive

MS-3 Laser Scanners Deliver Seamless Automation for Lipoprotein Measurement

The Vantera Clinical Analyzer from LipoScience performs sophisticated NMR-based lipoprotein analysis and uses four embedded MS-3 Laser Scanners to identify and track samples and diluents.
Product used: MS-3 Laser Barcode Scanner
Industry: Life Sciences

Ultra-Compact Imagers Ensure High-Quality Direct Part Markings for Laser Marker Manufacturer 

IPTE Factory Automation integrates MINI Hawk barcode imagers in their laser marking machines to ensure the quality of 2D Data Matrix symbols marked directly on parts.
Products used: MINI Hawk imagers
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Automated Vision Inspection and Parts Traceability in Automotive Assembly Process 

At their facility in Shanghai, TRW Automotive completely automates their assembly line using Microscan smart cameras, barcode readers, and lighting equipment to guide robotics, detect quality issues, and ensure each component is tracked from start to finish.
Products used: Vision HAWK Smart Camera, QX Hawk Flexible Industrial Imager, and NERLITE® Smart Series MAX
Industry: Automotive Manufacturing

Integrated Ultra-Compact Barcode Imagers Enable Automated Laboratory Diagnostics 

EUROIMMUN embeds the tiny MS-4 imager into its high-performance EUROPattern Microscopes to read Data Matrix codes at close range, ensuring sample data and images are archived to patient IDs for reliable and efficient processing.
Product used: MS-4 Ultra-Compact Barcode Imager
Industry: Life Sciences

Handheld Barcode Imager Ensures Traceability and Accuracy in Laboratory Processes

A reliable HS-21 barcode reader is used as an accessory to the epMotion® 5075 from Eppendorf to identify and track samples and reagents to achieve improved accuracy and efficiency in laboratory processes.
Product used: HS-21 Imager
Industry: Life Sciences

Machine Vision Technology Ensures Product Quality and Traceability at Del Monte Foods

A comprehensive Del Monte quality initiative uses Microscan vision systems to ensure product code legibility, and improve labeling accuracy and overall traceability of its canned fruits and vegetables.
Product used: Visionscape GigE Solution and Visionscape® Machine Vision Software
Industry: Packaging

Global Medical Product Manufacturer Error-Proofs Its Packaging Line with Automated Labeling and Track-and-Trace Solution

Terumo Medical Corporation error-proofs its labeling process with a system that incorporates QX Hawk Imagers on each packaging line to ensure each device receives a correct and readable label that is traceable and compliant with all industry regulations.
Product used: QX Hawk Flexible Industrial Imager
Industry: Packaging

Efficient and Reliable Data Matrix Decoding on Vial Trays Using Microscan Smart Camera

Research institute Friedrich Miescher Laboratory (FML) relies on an all-in-one solution using Microscan's Vision HAWK C-Mount Smart Camera to accurately and efficiently read and ensure the presence of Data Matrix codes on 96 vials at once.
Product used: Vision HAWK Smart Camera and Visionscape® Machine Vision Software
Industry: Life Sciences

Industrial Lubricant Manufacturer Relies on Machine Vision for Product Quality and Traceability

For industrial and automotive lubricant manufacturer Sinopec Group of Beijing, China, timely and accurate data collection using Microscan’s Vision HAWK Smart Camera is central to maintaining process efficiency, product quality, and traceability in the company's lean environment.
Product used: Vision HAWK Smart Camera
Industry: Automotive Manufacturing, Packaging

Fourth-Generation Sweet Potato Supplier Incorporates Traceability System in its Packing Line for PTI Compliance

Wayne E. Bailey Produce Company, a family-owned producer of sweet potatoes, incorporates Microscan’s QX-830 industrial laser scanner on its packing line to ensure accurate product labeling that is fully compliant with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI).
Product used: QX-830 Industrial Barcode Reader
Industry: Packaging

Microscan Imagers Ensure 2D Code Readability and Increase Efficiency During Manufacturing of Miniature Identifiers

ATC Industrial Automation equipped one of its customers, a leading supplier of electronic components, with Microscan's QX Hawk Imager to ensure the presence and readability of tiny, low-contrast 2D Data Matrix codes etched directly onto PCB identifier pads.
Product used: QX Hawk Flexible Industrial Imager
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

All-in-One Automated Printing and Inspection Solution Ensures Traceability throughout the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Learn how pharmaceutical manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim utilizes Microscan's AutoVISION machine vision product suite to inspect packaging for regulatory compliance and ensure traceability of products throughout the supply chain.
Product used: Vision HAWK Smart Camera and AutoVISION™ Machine Vision Software
Industry: Pharmaceutical

Machine Vision System Detects Defective Parts for Precision Stampings Supplier

Read about Jiaxing Hexin Precision Stamping Technology's machine vision solution for 100% defect prevention in high-throughput electronics component manufacturing.
Product used: Visionscape® Machine Vision Software
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Barcode Scanning Solution Validates Pallet Labels to Comply with GS1 Standards and Ensure Supply Chain Traceability

See how the Paulig Group ensured compliance with GS1 barcode standards and eliminated human errors in their coffee packaging and distribution processes using Microscan's QX-870 barcode scanner.
Product used: QX-870 Industrial Raster Laser Scanner
Industry: Packaging

Cell Analyzers with 2D Barcode Readers Help Streamline Laboratory Workflow, Ensure Quality and Minimize Human Errors

See why Miltenyi Biotec chose Microscan 2D imagers for their analyzers to achieve a single integrated solution for autolabeling of samples and barcode detection of antibodies.
Product used: Quadrus® MINI Imager and ESP® Software
Industry: Life Sciences

Microscan Imagers Provide Guaranteed Quality and Traceability for Manufacturer of Handling, Laser Marking, and Labeling Systems

Learn how ASYS ensures code quality and verification in production lines to avoid downtime and failures, while enabling full traceability of parts and production processes.
Product used: Quadrus® MINI Imager and MINI HAWK Imager
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Automated Pallet Tracking in Food & Beverage Logistics

Learn how this international beverage manufacturer increased the efficiency of its pallet loading process by using barcode scanners for automated data tracking.
Product used: MS-890 Industrial Automation Scanner
Industry: Packaging

Smart Cameras Provide Additional Benefits to Auto ID Applications

See how Continental AG ensured labeling accuracy by replacing a barcode scanner with a smart camera that reads barcodes in addition to checking label presence, placement, and print accuracy.
Product used: Vision MINI Smart Camera
Industry: Electronics

Quality Control and Error Prevention in Food Packaging

See how Bunge Finland implemented automated quality control checks to error-proof the packaging process in a factory.
Product used: QX-830 Industrial Barcode Reader and QX Hawk Flexible Industrial Imager
Industry: Packaging

Tablet Counter/Filler Incorporates Smart Camera System to Ensure Labeling Accuracy

Learn how a Microscan smart camera is used to prevent incorrect or missing labels on pharmaceutical bottles.
Product used: VS-1 Smart Camera
Industry: Pharmaceutical

Error-Proofing Food Packaging Processes

End of Line verification solutions use bar code readers, such as the QX Hawk imager, to detect incorrect labels and stop immediately the assembly line, providing extra security to the packing operation.
Product used: QX Hawk Flexible Industrial Imager
Industry: Packaging

Data Matrix Symbols Guarantee Consistent Traceability of PCBs

Learn how Zollner Elektronik AG uses Data Matrix symbols on PCBs to ensure accurate testing and rejection operations, as well as complete part traceability.
Product used: Quadrus® MINI Barcode Imager
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Barcode Readers Increase WIP Visibility for Industrial Appliance Manufacturer

This Chinese manufacturer implements a complete component traceability system, automated by several barcode scanners and imagers throughout production to guarantee traceability of each part through each stage of their operations.
Products used: MS-3 Compact Laser Barcode Scanner and Quadrus® MINI Barcode Imager
Industry: Electronics Manufacturing