Smart Series HI-BRITE Illuminators


Smart Series HI-BRITE large area LED vision lighting provides a high intensity output, featuring IP67 industrial sealing and the brightest LEDs in their class. The compact lights include a built-in controller for a complete and easily integrated solution for rugged automation environments. Versatile 10° spot and 50° flood lens options allow them to be used at both near and far distances to accommodate a variety of applications.

  • Available in 2 colors and 3 sizes
  • Smart Series Technology: Built-in controller with continuous and high output strobe modes
  • High intensity output with state of the art LED vision lighting technology
  • IP67 enclosure with M12 connectors
  • Versatile 10 degree spot or 50 degree flood lens options

Illumination Example:

Large engine block: Provides good contrast over large areas to perform product inspection.


HI-BRITE 300 mm
Part Number Description
NER-011660300G     HI-BRITE 300, Red, Narrow
NER-011660310G HI-BRITE 300, White, Narrow
NER-011660301G HI-BRITE 300, Red, Wide
NER-011660311G HI-BRITE 300, White, Wide
HI-BRITE100 mm
NER-011660200G HI-BRITE 100, Red, Narrow
NER-011660210G HI-BRITE 100, White, Narrow
NER-011660201G HI-BRITE 100, Red, Wide
NER-011660211G HI-BRITE 100, White, Wide
HI-BRITE 45 mm
NER-011660100G HI-BRITE 45, Red, Narrow
NER-011660110G HI-BRITE 45, White, Narrow
NER-011660101G HI-BRITE 45, Red, Wide
NER-011660111G HI-BRITE 45, White, Wide
Hi-BRITE Cables (Required)
61-000184-01 Cable, 5P M12 Male - 5P M12 Female, 1M, Shielded (for daisy chain)
61-000185-01 Cable, 5P M12 Male - 5P M12 Female, 3M, Shielded (for daisy chain)
61-000186-01 Cable, 5P M12 Female - Flying Leads, 3M, Shielded
61-000187-01 Cable, 5P M12 Female - Flying Leads, 5M, Shielded
Power Supply
NER-011504100 DSP60 24VDC 2.5A DIN Mount Power Supply
97-000006-01 DSP100 24VDC 4.2A DIN Mount Power Supply
Power Supply Cordsets
NER-030028300 AC Power Cord for DSPxx Power Supply, US
NER-030028400 AC Power Cord for DSPxx Power Supply, EU
NER-030028500 AC Power Cord for DSPxx Power Supply, UK