Laser Barcode Scanners


Laser barcode scanners are ideal for applications that require high speed reading of linear codes or stacked symbols. From small products for embedded OEM applications to rugged laser barcode scanners for industrial use, Microscan offers a wide range of quality products to read linear barcodes and stacked symbols, with features such as high speed reading, wide field of view, symbol reconstruction, and aggressive decoding technology. 

  1D Barcodes  

MS-1 Scan Engine

The smallest fully decoded scan engine in its class.

MS-2 Ultra-Compact CCD Reader

Compact CCD reader is available in several configurations to meet a variety of needs.

MS-3 Compact Laser Barcode Scanner

Compact laser barcode scanner offers high performance decoding and wide scan angle.

MS-9 High Speed Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner offers ultra-fast decode performance.

QX-830 Industrial Barcode Scanner

Compact industrial barcode scanner features QX Platform, symbol reconstruction, and optional embedded Ethernet protocols.

QX-870 Industrial Raster Laser Scanner

Industrial raster laser scanner with QX Platform, intelligent sweeping raster and symbol reconstruction.