I-PAK Package Inspection System

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I-PAK® Multi-Camera Inspection System

  • Robust Optical Character Verification (OCV)
  • High speed decoding and verification of 1D/ 2D codes
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

The Visionscape® I-PAK® package inspection system is the proven solution chosen by major pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. Based on a selection of powerful machine vision tools and a simple user interface, I-PAK meets demanding pharmaceutical industry requirements for reliable, accurate and verified inspection of labels and products.

Typical applications include date/lot code verification, component ID verification, and a variety of other package, label or product inspections.

Available in five versions for flexible implementation:

I-PAK® SE2:  High speed 19" industrial touch screen PC in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure with titled top, specifically designed for pharmaceutical environments     
  I-PAK® HE:  Software offers I-PAK interface and functionality for up to four I-PAK HE Smart Cameras
  I-PAK® SK:  Solution Kit consists of Visionscape board and software, supports up to four cameras    
I-PAK® VH:  Software offers I-PAK interface and functionality for up to four Vision HAWK Smart Cameras

 I-PAK® HE Solution Kit:  I-PAK interface on I-PAK HE Smart Camera paired with I-PAK HE Pharmalite      

Powerful Software:
  Based on the powerful Visionscape software, I-PAK offers a comprehensive selection of proven vision processing tools. The I-PAK user interface makes setup and deployment of applications fast and easy, and allows 100% verification of every product on the line.

Fail-Safe Identification:  I-PAK provides fail-safe identification of incorrect or illegible characters while tolerating normal print variation. Proven robust OCV algorithms adapt to acceptable changes in pre-printed or overprinted codes to reduce false rejects.

FDA Compliance:  I-PAK enables manufacturers to comply with FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices and meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 through user access control features and audit trail capabilities.

Advanced Capabilities:

  • Print quality and readability of date/lot codes, NDC or other human readable marks
  • Inspection of codes on labels, cartons, inserts/outserts or directly marked on products
  • Accommodates a variety of marking methods (laser, hot stamp, ink jet)
  • Fast and reliable decoding and quality verification of linear barcodes, GS1 Databar (RSS) and Data Matrix
  • Fully configurable system for broad range of other product or package inspections

Visionscape I-PAK
Part Number Description
GMV-IP74-0SE2 I-PAK SE - Stainless Enclosure with IPC 677B Panel PC and Visionscape 0740 board
GMV-IP74-0SK0 I-PAK SK with Visionscape 0740 board for analog cameras
I-PAK HE Pharma Industry 21 CFR part 11 GUI for I-PAK HE Smart Camera
GMV-0HF16-1HE1G I-PAK HE Smart Camera, VGA Mono, C-Mount, I-PAK HE Software
GMV-1HF16-1HE1G I-PAK HE Smart Camera, XGA Mono, C-Mount, I-PAK HE Software
Visionscape I-PAK VH, Inspection System Interface for Vision HAWK Smart Cameras
GMV-0HF16-1PS1G I-PAK HE Pharma Track and Trace Kit – VGA Smart Camera, Pharmalite, Lens, Cables, PS
GMV-1HF16-1PS1G I-PAK HE Pharma Track and Trace Kit – XGA Smart Camera, Pharmalite, Lens, Cables, PS