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Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification

VMI Software

VMI Software

  • Secure access
  • Verification reports
  • Trending and alarms
  • Specialized interface
  • Printer performance

The Verification Monitoring Interface (VMI) plug-in module for AutoVISION software provides a unique and user-friendly interface for 1D inline barcode verification applications. VMI collects barcode data for print quality verification to ISO 15416 and to enable printer condition monitoring, as well as use in statistical trending.

Specialized Interface: VMI is designed especially for verification applications. The Edit view provides easy set up of tolerances to control the pass/fail state of the barcode inspection, as well as trend analysis and match string. The Run view provides simple visual feedback of verification results, including the unique Data Panel displaying a real-time barcode grade and verification data for each inspected part.

Trending & Alarms: In addition to failed codes triggering rejects, VMI can be easily configured to check for simple trends in verification grading and can trigger an output signal if the trend falls below a defined threshold. This signal can be used to stop a production line, or any number of alarm or process improvement activities.

Printer Performance: VMI’s barcode quality verification can, for example, detect a potential clog in a print head. Use this data to purge print heads only when needed, instead of performing inefficient and costly periodic purging regardless of printer conditions.

Secure Access:  Integrated password protection enables four separate access levels, with password control set at the Administrator level.

Verification Reports: Save and print detailed ISO 15416 Symbol Quality Verification Reports: Click here to download a sample report with instructions on interpreting the data.

Download the VMI Software Plug-In.

VMI Plug-In: Capabilities
    AutoVISION® Software: Capabilities


  • Verification-Specific Run View:
    Replaces the standard AutoVISION Run view with a screen that provides verification-specific feedback and logging capabilities
  • New Job Creation:
    Automatically creates a fully-functioning default verification inspection job, easily modified by the user, instead of a standard blank job.
  • Optional Image and Data Logging:
    Enables saved images for failed inspections, and logs data for each inspection cycle in a CSV fle
    • Simplified user interface for solving basic to mid-range applications
    • Complete toolset includes:

      • 1D/2D symbol decoding
      • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Character Verification (OCV)

  • Omron Microscan Link easily connects job parameters to industrial control systems.
  • EtherNet/IP and PROFINET I/O connectivity

Hardware Requirements
  • Vision HAWK C-Mount Smart Camera (Network)
  • Large Linear Verification Kit

Minimum Systems Requirements
  • Intel® ATOM N2600 1.6GHZ Dual Core or greater
  • 2GB RAM/128MB Video RAM
  • Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit, SP1
  • 250 GB hard drive space
  • 1024 x 768 display resolution
  • 3.0 Windows Experience Index
  • 1 USB port and 1 Network port

File Type Description Download Link
QS Quick Start Guide Getting Started with VMI vmigettingstartedguide.pdf

AutoVISION Verification Reports

AutoVISION Verification Reports

AutoVISION software produces detailed verification reports based on three quality standards: ISO 15415, ISO 15416, or AIM DPM/ISO 29158.

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Verification Monitoring Interface (VMI)   A plug-in module for Microscan's AutoVISION® Machine Vision Software, the Verification Monitoring Interface (VMI) provides a unique and user-friendly visualization interface for 1D inline barcode verification operations.
  • Verification-Specific Interface:  Visualization of barcode verification grades and trending from AutoVISION's Run view.

  • Trend Visualization and Analysis:  Monitor variations in barcode quality in real time, review historic verification data, and configure alarms based on verification grade trending.
  • Verification to ISO 15416:  Preconfigured verification jobs grade 1D barcodes against ISO 15416 barcode quality parameters.

Download contains AutoVISION® and VMI plug-in. AutoVISION.exe must be installed before VMI.exe.

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