Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification

UID DPM Compliance Verifier

UID DPM Compliance Verifier

  • UID compliance
  • Detailed reports
  • Flexible mounting
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Validation and verification
  • One button calibration and operation

NOTICE: The UID DPM Verifier was discontinued in December 2016. and is no longer available. We recommend the LVS-9580 DPM as a replacement solution.

  • Verification Standards:
    • ISO/IEC 16022
    • ISO/IEC 15415
    • AS9132
    • AIM DPM Guidelines
    • ISO 29158
    • MIL-STD-130
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Easy One Button Calibration and Operation
  • Secure Mode For Operation Within Secure Facilities

The DPM Verifier (for Direct Part Marks) is a UID Compliance Verifier that evaluates and verifies symbols according to specifications in MIL-STD-130 and DFAR 252.211-7003. The DPM Verifier is designed to analyze and verify Data Matrix symbols that are directly marked by dot peen, laser etch and chemical etch on materials such as metal, plastic, and rubber.

UID Compliance Verification products allow U.S. DoD (Dept. of Defense) suppliers and subcontractors to easily and consistently comply with a wide range of UID regulations.

Flexible Mounting:  For maximum flexibility within any application or workspace, the DPM Verifier can be used as a standalone desktop unit, portable verifier or mounted to an optional stand.

Direct Part Marks:  The DPM Verifier is designed for validation and verification of UID Data Matrix direct part marks with a variety of shapes and sizes. A variety of lighting options provide the necessary compliance for testing UID data syntax strings and evaluating symbol quality.

Reports:  The DPM Verifier includes reporting features with quality assurance and repeatable/ auditable results.  Reports are detailed, and verification results are archived for backup and compliance audits.

UID Compliance:  Since implementation of the UID inititative, most goods destined for the U.S. DoD must be permanently marked with a UID code. UID Compliance Verifiers enable the DoD and their suppliers and subcontractors to meet the requirements in UID standards such as MIL-STD- 130 and DFAR 252.211-7003.

NOTICE: The UID DPM Verifier was discontinued in December 2016 and is no longer available. We recommend the LVS-9580 DPM as a replacement solution.

Height: 7.95" (201.9 mm)
Width: 6.1" (154.9 mm)
Length: 6.07" (154.3 mm)

Read Parameters
Image Field: 1.19" x 0.86" (30.2 mm x 21.8 mm)
Min. Element Size: 0.0075" (0.19 mm)

Communication Protocols
Standard Interface: Ethernet
Maintenance Purposes: RS-232

Light Source

Type: Class I LED, Red LED
External: 640 nm
Diffuse Perpendicular 90° Dome (D)
Medium Angle 45° (45Q)
Low Angle 30° (30Q, 30T and 30S)

Minimum PC Requirements
• Host PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista
• At least a 2 GHz CPU
• At least 512 MB RAM
• CD-ROM drive
• At least 100 MB of available hard disk space
• A 10/100 MB Network (Ethernet) interface
• Display capable of displaying at least 1024 by 768 pixels, true colors

Symbols Verified
Data Matrix (ECC200)

• AIM DPM-1-2006
• ISO 29158
• ISO 16022
• ISO 15415
• ISO 15434
• ISO 15418
• SAE AS9132 Laser
• SAE AS9132 Dot Peen
• SAE AS9132 Electro-Chemical Etch
• DFAR 252.211-7003
• MIL-STD-130L
• MIL-STD-130L Change 1
• MIL-STD-130M
• MIL-STD-130M Change 1
• MIL-STD-130N
• Guide to Uniquely Marking Items Version 1.4
• Guide to Uniquely Marking Items Version 1.5
• Guide to Uniquely Marking Items Version 1.6
• ATA SPEC200 Chapter 9 and ANSI MH10

File Type Description Download Link
SPEC Specification Sheet UID DPM Compliance Verifier Specification Sheet dpmuidverifier_spec.pdf
CAD CAD File UID DPM Compliance Verifier Drawings
FWU Firmware UID DPM Compliance Verifier Firmware
MAN User Manual UID DPM Compliance Verifier User Manual uidverifiermanual.pdf
QS Quick Start Guide UID DPM Compliance Verifier Quick Start Guide uidverifierquickstartguide.pdf