Barcode Software and Connectivity

Barcode Software and Connectivity

MS-Connect 5100 Concentrator and Protocol Converter

MS-Connect 5100 Concentrator and Protocol Converter

  • Protocols
  • Continuous polling
  • Programming ports
  • Easy communication
  • Simple configuration
  • Time and date stamp

  • Protocol conversion allows communication via Ethernet
  • Supports polling of up to 32 readers using RS-485
  • Programming port options include USB and RS-232
  • Provides serial data transmission rates up to 115,200 baud

The MS-Connect 5100 serves as a data collector and manager for automatic ID networks with Microscan readers. Use the MSConnect 5100 to connect and configure up to 32 readers in minutes with simple menu-driven software. The compact device features multiple communication options, including Ethernet protocols for high speed communication with a host.

The MS-Connect 5100 provides an ideal communication tool for use with any Microscan scanner or imager.

Protocols:  The MS-Connect 5100 provides communication to a host using serial or Ethernet communication.

  TCP/IP and Ethernet IP protocols are available out of the box. Other protocols are available with optional expansion cards.

Continuous Polling:
  The MS-Connect 5100 uses RS-485 multidrop protocol for uninterrupted communication between the concentrator and the multidrop network.

Programming Ports: 
The MS-Connect 5100 can be easily programmed using the USB port or the RS-232 port via an RJ12 connector.

Time and Date Stamp:  This option allows the user to select the time and date format to prepend to the data decoded by a reader.

Simple Configuration:  ESP software allows you to configure the MS-Connect 5100 and the networked readers within minutes.

Length: 4.15” (105.4 mm)
Width: 3.09” (78.5 mm)  
Height: 5.30” (134.7 mm)
Weight: 15.1 oz. (456.4 g)

USB/PG Port:  Adheres to USB specification 1.1, Device only using Type B connection
Serial Ports: RS-422/485 port via RJ45, and RS-232 port via RJ12
Format and Baud Rates for each port are individually software programmable up to 115,200 baud
Ethernet Port: 10 BASE-T/ 100 BASE-TXRJ45 jack is wired as a NIC (Network Interface Card).

STS: Status LED indicates condition of MS-Connect 5100
TX/RX: Transmit/Receive LEDs show serial activity.
Ethernet: Link and activity LEDs

Memory Card: CompactFlash Type II slot for Type I and Type II cards to be used for profile loading only.

Real-Time Clock
Typical accuracy is less than one minute per month drift. SNTP facility allows synchronization with external servers.
Battery: Lithium Coin Cell. Typical lifetime of 10 years at 25 º C.


Case body: black high impact plastic and stainless steel. Installation Category I, Pollution Degree 2.8.

Power Connection
Terminal Block: Removable wire clamp screw
Wire Gage Capacity: 24 AWG to 12 AWG
Torque: 4.45 to 5.34 in/lb (0.5 to 0.6 N-m)

Type: Snaps onto standard DIN style top hat (T) profile mounting rails according to EN50022 -35 x 7.5 and -35 x 15.
Part Number Description
FIS-0001-0035G IC-332, Connects MINI to IB-131
61-000108-01 Cable, RJ-12 to 9-pin D Sub, 6 Feet
61-000112-01 Cable, USB Type A Male to Mini B Male, 10 ft
61-000113-01 Cable, Concentrator to IB-131/IB-150 RJ45 to 25-pin D Sub, 10 ft
61-100030-03 Cable, Multidrop, 10 feet IB-131/IB-150 to IB-131/IB-150
99-000018-01 IB-131 Interface Box for MS-3, MS4, MS-9, MS-820 and Quadrus MINI
98-000040-02 IB-150 and Reader cable, 6 ft for MS-860, MS-890 and Quadrus EZ
61-000161-01 QX Cordset, M12 12pin Plug to MS-Connect 5100, 3m
Power Supply
97-100004-15 Power Supply, 90-264 VAC, 24VDC, USA/Euro Plug
10-000251-01 Mounting Bracket
Package Detector/Sensor
99-000017-01 Photo Sensor, Visible, NPN, DARK ON
99-000017-02 Photo Sensor, Visible, NPN, LIGHT ON
37-000001-01 TOOLS CD, User’s Manuals, ESP Software
37-000003-01 EZ Trax Software
File Type Description Download Link
SPEC Specification Sheet MS-Connect 5100 Specification Sheet msconnect5100spec.pdf
CAD CAD File MS-Connect 5100 Drawings
CON Configuration Guide MS-Connect 5100 Configuration Guide msconnect5100configsheet.pdf
MAN User Manual MS-Connect 5100 User Manual msconnect5100manual.pdf
QS Quick Start Guide MS-Connect 5100 Quick Start Guide msconnect5100quickstartguide.pdf
MS-Connect 5100 Options
Part Number Description
FIS-5100-0001G       MS-Connect 5100, Enhanced Multidrop Concentrator