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Microscan Systems
May 14, 2015 18:43pm
Hello Sang-Woo --- We do have the MS-860 manual at the link: We do not have an spec sheet specifically for a 25-pin cable. Is there a part number you can provide? Thank you! --- Microscan Systems, Inc.
sang-woo Dan
May 14, 2015 17:34pm
ms860 configuration manual please,, 25pin cable spec please,,
Microscan Systems
May 29, 2013 11:24am
Hello Frankie - You can find the MS-860 to QX-870 transition guide in PDF here: Let us know if we can help further! Thank you!
Frankie Zhao
May 29, 2013 02:40am
need ms860 to qx870 manual
James Ellis, Microscan Systems
November 15, 2010 14:27pm
That particular cable was designed by one of our Partners and I do not have access to the pinout.

Microscan does offer a backward compatible cable to make the new QX-870's M-12 connectors into a single 25 pin DB sub like the one that would have been found on the MS-860.

The part number is 61-000172-01 QX Cordset, M12 12-pin plug and M12 12-pin socket to DB25 socket, 2 m.

It is referred to in the Transition Guide and on the website (page 9) .
Here is the transition guide link: Transition Guide
Pinout of cable is also on website: Pinout
(Both are in the Tech Support Self Help.)

Pinout of any Microscan cable can be sent upon request by emailing
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QX870 to MS860 drop in replacement cable
QX870 to MS860 drop in replacement cable
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