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by Bruce Scharf on September 30, 2011
posted in Product Development
Did you hear? Microscan just celebrated its 100th patent! These 100 innovations in auto ID, machine vision, and lighting have made Microscan a leading provider of technology that responds to the unique and diverse needs of our customers. Now passing the 100-patent milestone, our engineers haven’t slowed down development of precise and simple solutions for complex barcode and machine vision applications.

The Microscan innovation machine kept humming in September with the award of our 101st patent – US 8,011,583. This patent is used in our UID Direct Part Mark Verification systems and covers the control of the lighting used in that product. The lighting, in combination with the square guide marks superimposed on the image, makes the Microscan UID DPM Verifier easy to use while obtaining the most repeatable and highest grades for DPM symbols. Congratulations to Microscan inventor Jason Lee and the entire Verifier team for this achievement!

For more information on Microscan verification technology, visit our website.
by Bruce Scharf on September 28, 2011
posted in Product Development
How has Microscan innovated the auto ID and machine vision universe? Let us count the ways – all 100 of them! In August Microscan received its 100th United States Patent, a milestone in our continuous development of the most comprehensive auto ID and machine vision technology on the market.

To celebrate this achievement, we’re taking a look back at the patents that have brought Microscan technology this far – from new insights for the 2D Data Matrix symbol to extend read tolerance and information capacity in smaller spaces, to advances in light diffusion technology to ensure reads for directly marked barcodes with low visibility. Click below for the complete list of Microscan patents!

100 Reasons Microscan Technology Has the Leading Edge

Patent #100: Bringing the Microscan patent count to 100 is US 8,000,594, which protects Microscan’s innovative Dome Light used in the Mobile Hawk handheld imager...