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by Shaina Warner on August 31, 2011
posted in Other Topics
Microscan’s new Vision MINI smart camera is the world’s smallest fully integrated machine vision system. At 1” high by 1.8” wide by 2.1” deep, weighing only 2 oz., Vision MINI fits right in the palm of your hand with room to spare.

The Vision MINI is one of three new innovations in Microscan machine vision designed to simplify setup and deployment of machine vision applications for users from beginner to expert. Ultra-compact, the Vision MINI is a 1D/2D barcode scanner, a full suite of machine vision tools, integrated machine vision lighting, and autofocus all packed into one tiny smart camera.

Want to see for yourself just how small the new Vision MINI smart camera is? Request a Vision MINI below and receive a free life-size, foldable paper model by mail.

Juan Pablo
by Juan Pablo Biermayr on August 24, 2011
posted in Events

What is VIT Expo?
VIT Expo VISION & IMAGING is the main vision and imaging show in Russia & CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States, formerly of the Soviet Union). This show is expressly designed for companies who wish to do business in Russia and the CIS in these emerging segments for vision and imaging technologies.

Microscan Presence
Microscan presented products and solutions via two of our strategic partners, Sensorlink and CMT, both companies strongly committed to the Microscan brand. Products shown were examples from Microscan’s complete line of machine vision and auto ID technologies, including barcode scanners, smart cameras, and machine vision software.

Visitor Analysis
12,250 professional visitors attended the VIT Expo...
by Bruce Scharf on August 22, 2011
posted in Product Development
On July 12 Microscan was issued an additional patent for its line of Verification products. US 7,978,970 relates to methods for controlling the various lighting systems in Microscan’s LDP and DPM Verifiers. By automatically controlling the lighting until the optimized image is generated, customers can be confident that the grading results provided are the best possible grade for the mark being inspected. This patent brings the total to 5 patents covering Microscan’s line of Verifiers, the most innovative Verification products in the industry.

Patent Abstract: Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method comprising: from an angled first end region of a substantially cylindrical beam splitter, reflecting incident light striking from any of a first set of predefined directions and to substantially transparently convey through said beam splitter and to a camera lens incident light traveling in any of a second set of predefined directions, the beam splitter defining a longitudinal central axis.

For more information on Microscan verification technology, visit our website.
by Brian Thompson on August 10, 2011
posted in Solutions & Applications
Every machine vision application has its own unique characteristics that determine what lighting geometry will provide the best performance. The nearly infinite array of machine vision applications makes it impossible to have a black and white guide saying this application requires this illuminator, period. An educated selection can be made, however, by understanding the basic features of the surface to be inspected.

WIDTH: 500 px;

Surface Reflectance:

When light strikes a dull surface, it is scattered in all directions allowing a basic point source illuminator like a spot light or non-diffuse ring light to provide sufficient uniformity for many applications. As the surface becomes more reflective, some of the light is reflected directly back to the camera rather than scattered. This causes the camera to “see” the light. For example...
by Bruce Scharf on August 3, 2011
posted in Product Development
I would like to congratulate Mike Messina for his latest patent covering Microscan’s NERLITE® Edge-to-Edge Backlight technology. US patent 7,976,184 was issued on July 12, 2011. Microscan’s Edge-to-Edge Backlights are designed around a patented method of providing uniform illumination when multiple sections of backlights are combined. Mike’s newest patent extends that concept and allows the top diffuser plates to be changeable. The additional flexibility means users can now change the degree of diffusion for differing applications without having to purchase a new light. This latest invention, when combined with Edge-to-Edge technology provides the most flexible backlights in the industry.

Patent Abstract: An illumination system includes an illumination source such as an array of LEDs over which is provided a diffuser. The illumination source provides light which, because of light refraction, radiates generally uniformly from edge to edge of the diffuser. The diffuser may be a planar flat piece or may include a hollow, cuplike structure formed by a frame with a cover. The illumination system may be scaled up to provide multiple such illumination devices side by side to provide a greater area or strength of illumination. Multiple systems may utilize multiple diffusers or a single diffuser covering multiple illumination sources. The illumination source may be mounted to a backplate or heatsink which is larger than the illumination source to facilitate the addition of further electronic circuitry and or mounting capabilities.

For more information on Microscan machine vision lighting technology, visit our website.