Industrial Automation



March 2018

How X-Mode Brings Out the Best in Barcodes

Barcodes have a unique challenge. Whether printed, etched, engraved or stamped onto their substrate, they’re obligated to remain readable however long traceability is required. This could be anywhere from a few hours to several decades, and the viability of the track, trace and control system depends on them throughout this time. Given that these codes carry essential data through some of the harshest manufacturing environments, it’s no wonder that even the best of them start to fade.

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How CMOS Sensors and FPGAs Upped the Tempo of Smart Camera Progress

You never know where the next breakthrough in machine vision will come from. Sometimes, it will be the result of years of academic study. Other times, it will come from a simple decision to start incorporating new-and-improved technologies from regular consumer devices into high-end smart cameras. Two technologies that have taken the machine vision world by storm recently are the CMOS sensor and the FPGA. Let’s look at how these exciting technologies have supercharged the development of smart cameras.

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