Industrial Automation



March 2017

The New European Medical Device Regulations (MDR) Are Coming! Don’t Panic.

After years of preparation, and following the FDA UDI regulations, the European Union is also getting ready for new Medical Device Regulations to streamline various standards and to ensure safety and traceability of medical devices. What are the new Medical Device Regulations about, what should manufacturers do to prepare now, and how can Microscan help?

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Using Virtual Machines to Support Multiple Versions of AutoVISION on One PC

AutoVISION 3.0 and AutoVISION 4.0 cannot be installed on the same PC simultaneously. This can be a problem if your application requires multiple AutoVISION 3.0 and AutoVISION 4.0 installations using a single computer. A similar issue exists if you need to support multiple versions of Microscan’s Easy Setup Program (ESP) for barcode readers. The solution to this problem is the use of virtual machines.

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