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Industry leaders within electronics industries depend on lean manufacturing and efficient use of resources. Effective shop floor data collection is a competitive advantage.


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 Resources for Electronics Manufacturing:
  Overview: Electronics Track, Trace & Control 
White Paper: ESD Safety
Case Study: Smart Cameras Provide Additional
Benefits to Auto ID Applications



Smart Camera Ensures Mark Quality to Certify Authenticity of Electronics Parts

Innovar Systems Limited installs the MS-2D Engine and Vision MINI® Xi Smart Camera into their customer's inkjet marking system to ensure that parts are marked and read as well as verified against barcode quality standards.

Ultra-Compact Imagers Ensure High-Quality Direct Part Markings for Laser Marker Manufacturer

IPTE Factory Automation integrates MINI Hawk barcode imagers in their laser marking machines to ensure the quality of 2D Data Matrix symbols marked directly on parts.

Smart Cameras and Machine Vision Software Ensure Correctness and Readability of Data Matrix Codes for Device Traceability

BRUNATA-METRONA places great importance on the quality of its products, including the readability of product codes for manufacturing and supply chain traceability. To ensure this accuracy, the company chose Microscan Vision HAWK smart cameras, capable of reading several small Data Matrix codes on each product from variable distances.

Microscan Imagers Provide Guaranteed Quality and Traceability for Manufacturer of Handling, Laser Marking, and Labeling Systems

Learn how ASYS ensures code quality and verification in production lines to avoid downtime and failures, while enabling full traceability of parts and production processes.

2D Barcodes on PCB Boards

A contract manufacturer needed to replace their vision system with a reader that could be easily reconfigured between product runs without the use of a monitor or a PC.

2D Barcodes in Fiber Optics

A leading international manufacturer of fiber-optic cables wanted to automate their work-in-process tracking and the configuration process of sophisticated test equipment.

Barcode Readers Increase WIP Visibility for Industrial Appliance Manufacturer

Learn how a successful operation of the production process rests on the quality of the symbol
used to identify the product and the barcode readers used to decode it.

Data Matrix Symbols Guarantee Consistent Traceability of PCBs

Learn how Zollner Elektronik AG uses Data Matrix symbols on PCBs to ensure accurate testing and rejection operations, as well as complete part traceability.

Review of Direct Part Marking Methods

Reviews a wide variety of methods for marking objects with machine-readable symbols in order to track them through the entire life cycle.

Smart Cameras Provide Additional Benefits to Auto ID Applications

See how Microscan's Vision MINI smart camera enables a seamless transition from barcode to vision inspection and supports 100% quality control in part labels at Continental AG.

Integrated 2D Imaging Improves Production Yield, Quality, and Traceability at Each Step of the PCB Manufacturing Process

Prodrive Technologies incorporates a scan conveyer at each stage of a PCB manufacturing line to trace parts throughout production, and uses a tiny but powerful imaging engine to track each part by reading barcodes of various colors directly marked on a range of surfaces.

Microscan Imagers Ensure 2D Code Readability and Increase Efficiency During Manufacturing of Miniature Identifiers

ATC Industrial Automation equipped one of its customers, a leading supplier of electronic components, with Microscan's QX Hawk Imager to ensure the presence and readability of tiny, low-contrast 2D Data Matrix codes etched directly onto PCB identifier pads.

Machine Vision System Detects Defective Parts for Precision Stampings Supplier

Read about Jiaxing Hexin Precision Stamping Technology's machine vision solution for 100% defect prevention in high-throughput electronics component manufacturing.

Basics of ESD Safety

Discusses electrostatic discharge (ESD) and the importance of safety precautions in manufacturing environments.

Technical Considerations for ESD Safety

Learn how to master ESD control in automated electronics manufacturing. 

Precision Machine Vision Ensures Quality and Efficiency at Foxconn Technology Group


To ensure fast and accurate inspection of apertures in their customer's digital camera housing, Foxconn Technology Group chose Microscan high-performance Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) cameras to replace manual inspectors and ensure accurate inspections within 0.01 mm.


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