Supplier Guide 

Microscan's Purchasing Department is the focal point for all contacts with vendors concerning the commitment of company funds for materials and services. Only the Purchasing Department is authorized to issue purchase orders and change orders, including expedite and part or dimensional changes. Our goal is to establish long-term business partnerships with a select group of suppliers who are willing to support and grow with Microscan by consistently providing the highest quality materials, services, and engineering support. To achieve this, Microscan depends on its suppliers to support the following objectives.

Quality Policy:
We guarantee quality by maintaining established standards, encouraging innovation, and inspiring our employees to excellence. 

We are committed to the continual improvement of processes, products, and services, and to the deliver of solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Cost Reduction:
To maintain its industry leadership role, Microscan must remain competitive in the marketplace. In an ongoing effort to reduce the cost of our products, Microscan expects its vendors to continuously explore and offer cost-saving options and ideas.

Supplier Partnership:
Achieving total quality depends on vendors who can be viewed as an extension of our own business. Pro-active communication is a must to ensure on-time delivery, reduce lead-times, effect rapid changes and reduce cycle times. Microscan strives to maintain a win-win relationship with its suppliers where ultimately fewer and better suppliers will be selected.