Microscan Webinars

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Direct Marking for UDI Compliance

The FDA requires that any medical device intended for multiple uses and subject to reprocessing before each use bear a UDI directly marked on the device itself. In this webinar, arm yourself with knowledge about current UDI marking guidance and methodologies from a presentation and Q&A with our experts.

Simple Steps to UDI Compliance

Meeting compliance requirements for the FDA Unique Device Identification (UDI) rule is priority-one for today’s medical device manufacturers. In this webinar, get guidance from our experts to simplify each step of the process and get answers to common questions about the UDI rule.

Ensure Barcode and Printed Text Quality with Machine Vision

Are your codes readable? In this webinar, learn how machine vision can help you prevent errors, monitor barcode quality, verify codes, and detect printer issues before problems arise with inline barcode verification and inspection solutions using Microscan’s AutoVISION® product suite.

ID and Inspection from Circuit to Smart Phone

What role do barcode and machine vision technologies play in consumer electronics manufacturing? In this webinar, learn how automation solutions can be implemented at key steps in the assembly of a smart phone to ensure product quality and process efficiency.

AutoVISION™ 2.1: Using Microscan Link for One-Click Industrial Connectivity

How can Microscan Link help engineers simplify the integration of machine vision into industrial control systems? In this webinar, learn how one-click connectivity through Microscan Link provides the easiest way to integrate machine vision over protocols from Ethernet to PROFINET.

Ensuring Readable Codes with Machine Vision Verification

Why verify barcodes? In this webinar, we will discuss the impact that quality codes have on a company’s automated processes and illustrate how machine vision systems can ensure reliable code legibility.

ID and Inspection from Can to Carton

What role do barcode and machine vision technologies play in the packaging process? In this webinar, we will follow a product down a packaging line and show how automation solutions solve common tasks in food & beverage packaging.

Beyond Barcodes: Simplified Machine Vision for Electronics

How do smart cameras extend the capability of auto ID applications? In this webinar, we will define "auto ID+" technology and show how simplified machine vision combines barcode reading with inspection.

Machine Vision for the Life Sciences

How can vision systems benefit laboratory processing operations? What are some practical applications of this technology? In this webinar, we will discuss how vision systems can further automate clinical instruments to increase throughput and achieve verifiable process repeatability.

Introduction to Machine Vision

Machine vision inspection plays an important role in achieving 100% quality control in manufacturing, reducing costs and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Join us for a free 3-part webinar series on the basics of machine vision and learn why manufacturers are increasingly adopting this powerful technology for automated product inspection and identification. Presented by Machine Vision Product Manager, Dr. Jonathan Ludlow, this webinar series will explore the core principles of machine vision and its common applications in processing operations.

Understanding Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Learn how OCR originated and how it is applied to today's machine vision applications. We'll cover common applications of the technology, discuss different OCR reading methods, and teach you to identify the features of an OCR font that will affect its readability.

What Do You Know about Data Matrix?

From understanding how a 2D code is constructed to proper Direct Part Mark (DPM) techniques and application best practices, this webinar series will give you a fundamental understanding of how to solve your Data Matrix application.