What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is the automated extraction of useful information from digital images in an industrial setting.

Examples of useful information:

  • Confirmation of fill level
  • Confirmation that all components are assembled correctly
  • Part location and orientation for robot pickup
  • Part identification reading human or machine readable codes
Machine Vision Examples demonstrating confirmation of fill level, correct component assembly, part location and identification.



Quality Assurance

  • Fewer rejects
  • Automatic visual inspection: 
    Objective, fact and reliable: Checks dimensional tolerances and shapes, detects whether parts are absent, checks correct mounting, position and completeness of parts, which can even be microscopically small (e.g. chip structures)

Increased Productivity

  • Automatic component recognition:
    The components are assigned to different predefined categories on the basis of shape, dimension, patterns, codes and markings
  • Even suitable for use at high clock-pulse rates