The Science Behind NERLITE

As a leader in the field of precise illumination for machine vision, Microscan has mastered the highly complex nature of machine vision illumination. Cameras see light as it is reflected from an object. Light is reflected differently from a metal ball than from a flat white label or a printed circuit board. The purpose of machine vision illumination is to control how the object appears to the camera. With these differences in mind, we study the geometric patterns of the light reflected from the part and designs lighting systems to control glare and reflection. Developed with a sophisticated knowledge of ray tracing and uniform lighting, NERLITE products enable vision engineers to work with clearer and crisper images. To meet the varied needs of machine vision applications, Microscan provides distinct lighting products, with increasing levels of sophistication.

Diffuse on Axis Light (DOAL)

With the DOAL, light rays reflect off the beam splitter directly on to the object at nearly 90°. With this approach, specular surfaces perpendicular to the camera appear illuminated, while surfaces at an angle to the camera appear dark. Non-specular surfaces absorb light and appear dark. 

Cloudy Day Illuminator (CDI)

The CDI is ideal for the most complicated uneven and specular surfaces, because it offers the greatest degree of light coverage--nearly 170°. With the CDI, light rays come from two different sources, reflecting the light in as wide a hemispheric pattern as possible.