NERLITE® Machine Vision Lighting

Microscan Leads Machine Vision Lighting Technology

Microscan's NERLITE brand is widely recognized around the globe as the "standard" for machine vision illumination. For more than 20 years, NERLITE products have enabled machine vision and auto ID systems to perform reliably through optimal lighting to ensure readability. NERLITE products can be found in the majority of applications that involve machine vision imaging, and are also found in automated identification applications, particularly those using 2D symbologies with direct part marking.

NERLITE products are designed with practical, cost-effective technologies and the NERLITE brand encompasses the widest selection of standard machine vision lighting solutions today. Microscan is committed to machine vision technologies and continues to develop our machine vision systems, software, and lighting products.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:
Before NERLITE Machine Vision Lighting
Before - Difficult to Read

After NERLITE Machine Vision Lighting
After - Easy to Read with NERLITE