Direct Part Marking (DPM)

Microscan Leads Direct Part Mark Reading Technology

Direct part marks are typically 2D Data Matrix symbols permanently marked by methods such as dot peen or laser/chemical etch onto substrates including metal, plastic, rubber or glass. These marking methods often result in low contrast visibility of the symbol or inconsistent imprints that can be challenging to decode through traditional imaging technology.


Microscan has the broadest product line available for specialty imagers and verifiers focused on solving challenging DPM applications. Our Hawk DPM Series leverages combined technologies of patented machine vision illumination and aggressive X-Mode Direct Part Marking algorithms to provide the robust performance to easily read any 2D or barcode symbol including challenging direct part marks.

Laser etch on glass epoxy
Laser etch DPM on glass epoxy 
  Ink jet on ABS plastic

Dot peen on metal
  Ink jet on plastic

Laser etch on silk screen

  Chem etch on silicon
  Ink jet on glass
Chem etch on metal

Microscan is dedicated to direct part marking identification. In addition to a suite of products specifically engineered to read directly marked symbols on a variety of substrates, Microscan also offers a full service applications lab staffed by application engineers who know and understand DPM.

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