Smart Series Pharmalite


Smart Series Pharmalite is ideally suited for illuminating labels, packaging containers, and other products in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a variety of other packaging applications. The dark field geometry evenly illuminates flat, glossy surfaces without glare or hot spots. The Pharmalite camera mounting bracket simplifies integration by allowing direct mounting of Microscan imagers, smart cameras and GigE cameras.

Pharmalite mounted to a vision camera
Pharmalite mounted to a Vison Hawk smart camera
  • Smart Series: Built-in controller with adjustable intensity continuous mode and high output strobe mode
  • Integrated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) feature for dimming and on-off control
  • Mounting bracket allows easy, direct attachment to a variety of cameras:
    • QX Hawk and Vision HAWK
    • C-Mount QX Hawk and Vision HAWK
    • Visionscape GigE Camera

Illumination Example

Pharmalite Illumination Example


Pharmalite Functionality Graphic

Smart Series Pharmalite
Part Number Description
98-000228-01 Kit, Smart Series Pharmalite, White, Dark Field
98-HT00-0LP1G VS-1 Direct Connect Pharmalite, White, Dark Field, Strobe