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CDI® Illuminators

CDI (Cloudy Day Illuminators) provides self-contained continuous diffuse lighting performance. It is designed for critical applications involving inspection of highly faceted and undulating reflective surfaces, such as CD artwork verification and the inspection of solder patterns on circuit boards. CDI illumination allows products to be inspected in the package, including blister-packaged pharmaceutical products and computer chips inside a clear packaging tube.
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Outstanding uniformity 
  • Self-contained cloudy day lighting for highly complex applications
  • Ideal for extremely difficult specular surfaces
  • Makes glass and clear plastic container surfaces disappear

Illumination Example:

Wrinkled foil pouch: Image captured clearly shows date and lot code


CDI (Continuous Diffuse Illuminator)
Part Number Description
NER-011252000 CDI-200/75, R LED-D, 24V-C, 4.5M (15 ft.) Cbl w/Flying Leads
NER-011252010 CDI-200/75, W LED-D, 24V-C, 4.5M (15 ft.) Cbl w/Flying Leads
Power Supply/Controllers
NER-011504100 DSP60 24VDC 2.5A DIN Mount Power Supply
98-000152-01 NL200 Lighting Controller (Front Panel Control Only)
98-000152-02 NL220 Lighting Controller (Ethernet Control Only)
98-000152-03 NL220F Lighting Controller (Ethernet Control Only with Fast Strobe Capability)
Power Supply Cordsets
030-028300 AC Power Cord for DSPxx Power Supply, US
030-028400 AC Power Cord for DSPxx Power Supply, EU
030-028500 AC Power Cord for DSPxx Power Supply, UK