EZ Match Color Compact Imager & Cap Inspector

  • Decodes/second: up to 10
  • Wide Field of View
  • EZ Match: Monochrome model available

The EZ Match Color imager is capable of reading linear and 2D codes, detecting the absence or presence of test tubes and caps, determining cap type, and more. In addition to its small size and wide angle optics, the EZ Match Color features advanced software to allow for robust inspection.

EZ Match Color is an evolving product for design engineers tasked with complete data integrity during the implementation of specimen container inspection systems.

Tube and Cap Detection:  The EZ Match Color verifies the absence or presence of both test tubes and caps, and provides a user-defined output message.  Determining cap absence or presence is essential for diverting test tubes to appropriate locations.

Omnidirectional Reading:  Both linear bar codes or 2D symbols can be decoded by the EZ Match Color in any orientation. Fast decoding and performance LEDs contribute to overall excellence.

Wide Field of View:  The EZ Match Color has an extremely wide field of view and reads linear codes or 2D symbols as close as 1” (25 mm).

Cap Evaluation:  The EZ Match evaluates cap color and several cap dimensions in order to determine the cap type. The system uses this info to verify contents, and can give valuable feedback to an automated decapper.

Compact and Lightweight:  The small form, right angle mirror option, and corner exit cable of the EZ Match Color allow flexible positioning within instrumentation and equipment. The lightweight and durable magnesium alloy case weighs less than 2 oz.

Demo Kits
Part Number Description
FIS-0004-1000G EZ MATCH, B&W, Serial
FIS-0004-1001G     EZ MATCH, 3MP, COLOR, Serial