Direct Part Mark Solutions

Microscan offers a comprehensive family of readers and verifiers with illumination and decode algorithms specifically designed for reading challenging direct part marks (DPM). Microscan’s DPM product suite includes a variety of products and capabilities to solve any DPM application in any industry.

All Hawk Series DPM Readers include the latest direct part mark decoding technology and user-friendly features, such as X-Mode algorithms, integrated lighting, one touch setup/decoding, laser targeting, real-time feedback system, and ESP software compatibility.

 QX Hawk Fixed-Mount Reader
Best-in-class fixed-mount reader provides infinite flexibility to read any code or direct part mark at any distance or speed within seconds of installation.

Ideal for toughest applications, such as high speed, or multiple codes at different distances.

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  • Liquid lens autofocus and modular zoom 

  • High speed

  • Long read range

  • Ethernet connectivity

  • IP65/67 enclosure

  • Quick Connect system

  • C-mount option
 Mobile Hawk Handheld Reader
Best-in-class handheld reader includes X-Mode decoding and integrated MAXlite™ technology to read the most challenging direct part marks with a simple pull of the trigger.

Ideal for bulky or heavy parts that require aportable reader.

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  • Handheld decoding

  • Advanced MAXlite illumination

  • Rugged and durable
 MINI Hawk Ultra-Compact Reader
Miniature DPM reader with X-Mode and easy setup. High speed and high resolution configurations are available.

Ideal for embedded applications, such as robotics or other tight spaces.

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     MINI Hawk Imager Series

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Autofocus

  • Versatile
 UID Verifiers

UID Verifiers designed to read and verify Data Matrix direct part marks. Easy one-button operation allows compliance with verification guidelines.

Ideal for any 2D Data Matrix DPM verification needs.

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      DPM Verifier   

  • ISO 15415

  • ISO 16022


  • AS9132

  • MIL-STD-130