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EZ Trax™ Image Capture & Storage Software

Discontinuation Notice: EZ Trax software will be discontinued in April 2014.

  • Image Management
  • Image Capture
  • Storage

EZ Trax software application provides easy management of symbol images captured by Microscan imager products. Use EZ Trax in any manufacturing environment as a trouble-shooting tool to capture, store and retrieve images and help determine root causes of conditions such as no-reads.

Image Management:  EZ Trax features a user-defined file naming structure that allows you to quickly locate a specific image.

Capture:  Select a Microscan imager and connect to the product.  Set the parameters for the image you wish to save.  Multiple image output modes are available.

Store:  Choose the amount of memory allocated for image files, as well as an optional storage capacity warning.

Retrieve:  Image retrieval is as easy as a click of the Retrieve button. This opens your pre-determined file directory for review of all images captured, or individual images can be retrieved for further analysis.

EZ Trax
Part Number Description
37-000003-01        TOOLS CD, EZ Trax Software