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  • Machine Vision

    Machine Vision Inspection and Identification

    Machine vision uses image capture and analysis to automate tasks such as inspection, gauging, and counting, in addition to reading barcodes and optical characters (OCR). While human inspectors can visually inspect parts to judge the quality of workmanship, machine vision systems use advanced hardware and software components to perform these functions at higher speeds, reliably, and with greater precision.

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  • Barcodes

    Barcode Technology for Reliable Part Tracking and Identification

    1D barcodes and 2D codes such as Data Matrix are used to track and identify parts, automate production operations and save time, money, and manpower for manufacturers throughout industry. Barcode technology facilitates critical production level applications like quality control, work-in-process (WIP) monitoring, sortation and lot tracking. Fast, accurate data collection is imperative for keeping production lines moving efficiently in today’s manufacturing environments. Microscan's new MicroHAWK series, sets new standards for speed, size and power. Read More

Announcing New Microscan LVS Series: Print Quality Inspection and Barcode Verifiers

For manufacturers who need the highest level of label quality, LVS® Verifiers are 100% ISO/ANSI/GS1 compliant.
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Desktop Verification SystemPortable Verification System
Print Quality Inspection Systems

Barcode Scanners and Machine Vision Technology for Industrial Automation and Controls

In the manufacturing environment barcode scanners and machine vision products help to reduce costs, increase yields, improve product quality, and comply with industry regulations. Barcode scanners can be used to gather data for real-time visibility of operations and for historical record keeping (track and trace). Industrial machine vision systems enable automated inspection and process control. Read More