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Community online videos show our products in action, showcase unique product features, and provide answers to common questions.
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Bartech Slovakia participated at the International Engineering Fair, MSV 2016, which took place May 24 – 27, 2016 at the Agrokomplex Exhibition Center in Nitra, Slovakia. The video shows a range of Microscan solutions, from AutoVISION to MicroHAWK barcode readers.
Bartech Slovakia Demonstrates MicroHAWK at MSV 2016
Rampala Miroslav Bartech Slovakia
Microscan Partner WI-SYSTEME GmbH integrates a Microscan Vision MINI® Smart Camera into a TSC TTP 2410 printer to verify the legibility of thermal-printed barcodes as they are printed. If a barcode has damage or other elements that obstruct its legibility, the Vision MINI will issue a failed result for barcode quality and the system is alerted to void the label containing the bad barcode.
Vision MINI Verifies Thermal Labels During Printing on TSC TTP 2410
Roman  Auer
The MicroHAWK ID-20 is the most feature-rich barcode imager of its size, at under 40 mm (1.6 in.) square and weighing less than 27 g (1 oz.). From power to setup, the ID-20 takes less than one minute to begin decoding. Once installed, MicroHAWK barcode readers are remotely adjustable using the new browser-based WebLink user interface to change focus, barcode type, and expected application type, optimize speed, program input and output, and save barcode reader settings locally without physical access to the device.
MicroHAWK ID-20 Reads 2D Data Matrix Code Out-of-the-Box
Mirko Karsch
Fully-integrated liquid lens autofocus models of MicroHAWK® Barcode Readers feature both truly-automatic and software-programmable autofocus. See how the MicroHAWK handles decoding both 1D and 2D codes from varying distance.
Challenging MicroHAWK ID-40 Autofocus Functionality
Mirko Karsch
MicroHAWK was a key player in the Peru presidential election, as shown in this high-speed reading application. We worked with a customer to establish a system where several MicroHAWK Barcode Readers are being used side by side to read codes on ballots for the Peru presidential election. This video illustrates the readers and the WebLink software, which allows multiple devices to be configured live and side by side without special software.
MicroHAWK reads codes on presidential election ballot in Peru
Yamil Arias
Microscan Global Business Development Manager for Electronics, Christoph Wimmer, introduces barcode reading and machine vision solutions on display at the IPC APEX 2016 tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada. Microscan's MicroHAWK® Barcode Readers are integrated into a demo of Microscan's PanelScan® PCB Traceability System to illustrate in-line PCB identification for worry-free traceability of components despite line changes resulting in new codes on PCBs, new code or mark locations, different PCB colors, and other changes. MicroHAWK readers are easily adapted to new decoding parameters via the browser-based WebLink user interface that enables new job setup in a few clicks without manual adjustment of reader optics or positioning.
Microscan IPC APEX 2016 Las Vegas Interview
Microscan Systems
Microscan is a global leader in the manufacture of intuitive, compact technology for factory and clinical automation. We offer the world's highest-performing barcode readers, smallest machine vision smart cameras, most comprehensive standards-based barcode verifiers, scalable and user-friendly software platforms, and industrial lighting equipment. Our products are used to track items throughout automated processes, ensure traceability, and eliminate waste and manufacturer liability by ensuring 100% quality in products and operations.
Microscan Company Overview
Kirsi Rolf
Walmart Guadalajara uses a Vision MINI Smart Camera to inspect their labels for position placement of battery logos and the label itself, logo integrity and correctness, and OCR matchstring operation. The CloudLink interface is used to monitor results in a web browser based on inspection tools in the AutoVISION software.
Vision MINI inspects labels at Walmart Guadalajara
Chris Moya
Guarantee that your products are fully traceable. Meet industry and customer requirements. Avoid rejects and fees due to inaccurate product data. Microscan offers all-in-one solutions for product label verification to ensure 100% data accuracy and compliance. From handheld barcode verifiers that grade multiple codes on the fly, to complete inspection systems that attach directly to printers and conveyers to verify in real time, Microscan makes it easy to automate a quality assurance process for your labels, from defect detection to ISO/IEC and GS1 verification.
Microscan LVS Barcode and Print Quality Verifiers
Microscan Systems
Custom verification of direct part marked Data Matrix symbols on automotive parts using the Vision HAWK CCD smart camera with a directly-mounted NERLITE Pharmalite. AutoVISION machine vision software provides verification of the code using built-in ISO barcode quality parameters, which we have customized for unique quality thresholds. The first code fails with an "F" grade, while the second code passes as an "A" grade. We are able to save a verification report for this symbol directly from the AutoVISION software.
AIM DPM ISO/IEC 29158 Verification using Microscan AutoVISION