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Community online videos show our products in action, showcase unique product features, and provide answers to common questions.
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This video demonstrates how to switch an AutoVISION inspection job from a PROFINET I/O-based system (Siemens PLC) to an EtherNet/IP-based system (Allen-Bradley PLC) using Microscan Link.
Microscan AutoVISION: Switching from PROFINET I/O to EtherNet/IP Using Microscan Link
Nico Hooiveld
This video demonstrates how to change AutoVISION inspection jobs using a PLC over PROFINET I/O. Once a connection between the PLC software and AutoVISION smart camera has been established, a user can send commands from the PLC to the AutoVISION interface to change from one of the loaded inspection jobs to another over PROFINET I/O.
Microscan AutoVISION: Changing Inspection Jobs Using a PLC Over PROFINET I/O
Nico Hooiveld
This video demonstrates steps for connecting an AutoVISION inspection job to an external control system - in this case, a Siemens PROFINET I/O PLC. First, a connection with AutoVISION and the Vision HAWK smart camera must be established in the PLC software. Then, using AutoVISION's Microscan Link feature, inspection tool parameters can be linked between the PLC software and the AutoVISION job to enable commands to be communicated over PROFINET I/O from the PLC to the AutoVISION smart camera.
Microscan AutoVISION: Connecting to a PLC Over PROFINET I/O Using Microscan Link
Nico Hooiveld
This video introduces Microscan Link, AutoVISION's one-click connectivity tool that enables seamless integration of a machine vision inspection job into any automation system. From a single PLC to a network of machine vision cameras, Microscan Link establishes the line of communication between AutoVISION and the entire factory floor.
Introducing Microscan Link
Nico Hooiveld
Microscan partner BARTECH, s.r.o., in Czech Republic demonstrates the user-friendly PanelScan turnkey PCB traceability system from their booth at the 2014 AMPER tradeshow.

Based on the same line scan technology as a fax or copier, PanelScan captures a complete image of a PCB panel as it passes through the assembly line and decodes all barcodes simultaneously. Operators do not have to be experts of barcode or machine vision technology to use the simple PanelScan interface.
Microscan PanelScan Demo at AMPER 2014
Kirsi Rolf
Midiendo en tiempo real rejilla de baterías MAC S.A usando un sistema de visión artificial con la cámara inteligente Vision HAWK. Inline, real-time measurement of MAC S.A. battery grids using a machine vision system with Microscan's Vision HAWK smart camera.
Microscan Vision HAWK camara mide rejillas en baterias MAC S.A
John Mario Bolanos Metroinstruments
This video introduces Microscan's PanelScan™ PCB Traceability System - a turn-key hardware/software solution that simplifies barcode reading for multi-array PCB panels in high-mix, low-volume assembly environments. In this video, we demonstrate the components, setup, and operation of PanelScan, including its unique user-friendly software interface that can be trained to read new panels in less than 1 minute with no hardware reconfiguration required.
PanelScan™ PCB Traceability System
Steve King
Microscan partner in Czech Republic, Eprin Co. Ltd, presents Microscan automation solutions at the 2013 MSV show in Brno. Meet the friendly Eprin staff and see an active demo of machine vision inspection using Microscan's user-friendly AutoVISION technology to check cap presence and inspect codes and labels on bottles. The Vision HAWK smart camera offers robust inspection capability in both integrated and C-mount versions.
From the Floor of MSV 2013 in Brno
Kirsi Rolf
Did you know that 30% of all pallets have some form of labeling problem? Get a grip on your pallet labels by implementing a label verification or validation process to ensure labels are free from printing errors, missing information, unreadable barcodes, or inaccurate GS1 codes. Machine vision technology like Microscan AutoVISION software and smart cameras provide automated inspection built for label and barcode quality verification, even GS1 syntax validation.
Getting a Grip on Your Pallet Labels
Kirsi Rolf
Here we take a look at how easy it is to use Microscan's HS-51X Wireless DPM Imager - capable of reading most 1D/2D symbols including challenging codes marked directly on part surfaces. We test the range of the imager from its charging base, reading codes up to 30 feet away using wireless Bluetooth Class II communication. The imager's ergonomics, easy point-and-shoot reading, and flexibility make it an excellent option for portable data acquisition and part tracking.
Microscan HS-51X Wireless Handheld Demo
Bob Taplett