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Community online videos show our products in action, showcase unique product features, and provide answers to common questions.
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In this video tutorial, our application support will walk you through some of the advanced settings of the WebLink user interface. The tutorial will first show you how you can adjust the camera settings in WebLink. Finally, the autofocus, auto-photometry, manual focus, and quick focus features are demonstrated.
WebLink User Interface: Full Walkthrough Part 2 - Advanced Camera Settings & Autofocus
Microscan Systems
Mini ist jetzt mikro. Benutzerfreundlich ist jetzt intuitiv. Leistung ist jetzt in jeder gewünschten Konfiguration erhältlich. Unglaublich, aber wahr: Barcode-Leser und Machine-Vision-Technologie gibt es jetzt in einem Komplettgerät! Vorhang auf für MicroHAWK, die nächste Generation der Industrie-Imager! MicroHAWK bietet eine Reihe von modularen Hardware-Komponenten, die mit dem in dieser Klasse leistungsstärksten Imaging-Modul sowie einer extrem kleinen Kamera (drei Größen verfügbar) ausgestattet sind und sich für jegliche OEM- und Produktionsautomatisierungsvorgänge eignen. Sie müssen einfach nur die gewünschte Software-Option (von einfacher Decodierung bis hin zu komplexen Kontrollabläufen) auswählen, das Gerät einstecken und einschalten, und schon können Sie sich über eine Leistung freuen, die jedes Konkurrenzprodukt weit hinter sich lässt.
MicroHAWK: One Incredible Platform [German Subtitle]
Microscan Systems
MicroHAWK: One Incredible Platform [Chinese Subtitle]
Microscan Systems
Mini is now micro. Ease of use is now intuitive. Performance is now available in any configuration. Barcode reading and machine vision are now possible on a single device so accessible, you already know how to do the incredible. Meet MicroHAWK, the next generation of industrial imaging devices. With the highest-performance imaging engine in its class at the core, MicroHAWK offers an array of modular hardware options to take on any OEM and factory automation task with three micro-form-factor cameras. Choose your software experience from basic decoding to complex inspection, plug and power, and instantly outperform the competition out of the box.
MicroHAWK: One Incredible Platform
Microscan Systems
In this video tutorial, our application support will walk you through the WebLink user interface, which you can use to configure the MicroHAWK barcode readers and view the reading results. No software installation is needed, the PC interface is 100% web-browser based.
WebLink User Interface: Full Walkthrough Part 1
Kirsi Rolf Microscan
In this video, our application support will show you step-by-step how to get the MicroHAWK ID-40 barcode reader up and running, connected to the PC and run the WebLink configuration interface. No software installation is needed, the PC interface is 100% web-browser based.
MicroHAWK ID-40: Unboxing and Set Up
Kirsi Rolf Microscan
Microscan presents its latest machine vision smart camera platform, MicroHAWK®, with a demonstration of the new MicroHAWK MV-40 Ethernet Smart Camera integrated into a Universal Robots collaborative UR3 robot used to perform a component check on a small engine. Machine Vision Promoter, Dr. Jonathan Ludlow, presents the demo from the floor of The Vision Show 2016 in Boston. MicroHAWK cameras offer barcode reading and complex inspection on a single platform with advanced autofocus, a range of hardware and software options, and the smallest size available in machine vision smart cameras to meet diverse applications with custom configurations and optimal price points.
Vision Show 2016 Boston: Collaborative Robotics Demo
Microscan Systems
Microscan's smarter smart camera platform, MicroHAWK®, is unveiled for the first time at The Vision Show 2016 in Boston, MA. MicroHAWK combines advanced barcode reading up to complex machine vision inspection all on the world's smallest smart cameras available, ideal for embedded applications in OEM for factory automation and clinical instrumentation. MicroHAWK solves applications from part identification, tracking, traceability throughout assembly, guidance through manufacturing processes, and defect and error detection in part labeling or form. Users are able to choose a MicroHAWK device that fits their needs for size, connectivity (USB, Serial, or Ethernet), and IP rating (IP40, IP54, or IP65/67); choose the features of their device (sensor, speed, optics, and lighting); and then choose device capability (barcode reading only, or scalable machine vision using the latest software) for a single solution that perfectly fits applications and budgets.
Microscan Introduces MicroHAWK at The Vision Show 2016
Microscan Systems
Bartech Slovakia participated at the International Engineering Fair, MSV 2016, which took place May 24 – 27, 2016 at the Agrokomplex Exhibition Center in Nitra, Slovakia. The video shows a range of Microscan solutions, from AutoVISION to MicroHAWK barcode readers.
Bartech Slovakia Demonstrates MicroHAWK at MSV 2016
Rampala Miroslav Bartech Slovakia
Microscan Partner WI-SYSTEME GmbH integrates a Microscan Vision MINI® Smart Camera into a TSC TTP 2410 printer to verify the legibility of thermal-printed barcodes as they are printed. If a barcode has damage or other elements that obstruct its legibility, the Vision MINI will issue a failed result for barcode quality and the system is alerted to void the label containing the bad barcode.
Vision MINI Verifies Thermal Labels During Printing on TSC TTP 2410
Roman  Auer