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Data accuracy and reliability are critical within pharmaceutical industries where manufacturers need to increase throughput while meeting regulatory compliance.

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 Resources for Pharmaceutical Industries:
 Track Trace and Control Pharmaceutical Solutions Overview: Pharmaceutical Track, Trace & Control    AutoVISION in Pharmaceutical Inspection Application Case Study: AutoVISION Machine Vision Ensures
Traceability in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
I-PAK: Common Applications for Pharmaceuticals
White Paper: Three Ways to Enhance
Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines

Machine Vision Solutions for CIJ Print Inspection


Learn the common print defects of continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing in high-speed packaging lines and how to ensure print accuracy with creative implementations of machine vision tools that provide the lowest rate of false failures.


Barcode Scanning Solution Validates Pallet Labels to Comply with GS1 Standards and Ensure Supply Chain Traceability

See how the Paulig Group ensured compliance with GS1 barcode standards and eliminated human errors in their coffee packaging and distribution processes using Microscan's QX-870 barcode scanner.

Automated Pallet Tracking in Food & Beverage Logistics

Learn how this beverage manufacturer increased the efficiency of its pallet loading process by using barcode scanners for automated data tracking.

Barcode Readers Enable Automated Pallet Tracking

Fixed bar code readers are mounted at each dock door for automated pallet tracking.

2D Codes Verify Insulin Kit Packaging


At their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, a new pharmaceutical manufacturer uses Data Matrix to automate the product verification system of their home insulin kits.


2D Codes Track Repackaging

A leading repackaging facility of pharmaceutical products uses a Data Matrix symbol for product label verification.

Bar Coded Packaging Meets FDA Regulations

A pharmaceutical manufacturer uses bar codes on product packaging to ensure the correct label is on the correct product.

Automated Pallet Tracking for Monitoring Packaging & Distribution

Fixed barcode scanner is used for an automated pallet tracking application.

Data Matrix Symbols Help Cut Waste and Save Time

Learn how Data Matrix is helping Biosite to reduce waste, save time, and save lives when every minute counts.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Applications with I-PAK

Four common pharmaceutical applications using Visionscape I-PAK, including date/lot code verification and bright stock identification, as well as a variety of other package, label or product inspections.

Error-Proofing Food Packaging Processes

End of Line verification solutions use barcode readers, such as the QX Hawk imager, to detect incorrect labels and stop immediately the assembly line, providing extra security to the packing operation.

Quality Control and Error Prevention in Food Packaging

See how Bunge Finland implemented automated quality control checks to error-proof the packaging process in a factory.

Tablet Counter / Filler Incorporates Smart Camera System to Ensure Labeling Accuracy

Learn how a Microscan smart camera is used to prevent incorrect or missing labels on pharmaceutical bottles.

Ensuring Labeling Accuracy in the Packaging Process

Accurate labeling is essential to today’s food and beverage manufacturers. This white paper focuses on barcode and machine vision systems that can be used in packaging lines to ensure label accuracy and to comply with safety regulations as well as mandates or codes of practice imposed by retailers.

Understanding the Role of Auto ID in the FDA’s UDI Initiative

The U.S. FDA’s proposed UDI (Unique Device Identification) program contains much that is of interest to the Auto ID community and to manufacturers and labelers of medical devices. Describes the UDI program, which devices are affected, and implementation of the requirements.

Machine Vision Provides Fast and Precise Defect Detection in Electronics Packaging

Packaging solutions provider Superpak uses automated, inline machine vision inspection to ensure precise dimensional measurements of carrier tape for electronic components, replacing manual quality checks for improved consistency and continuous production.

Fourth-Generation Sweet Potato Supplier Incorporates Traceability System in its Packing Line for PTI Compliance

Wayne E. Bailey Produce Company, a family-owned producer of sweet potatoes, incorporates Microscan’s QX-830 industrial laser scanner on its packing line to ensure accurate product labeling that is fully compliant with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI).

Industrial Lubricant Manufacturer Relies on Machine Vision for Product Quality and Traceability

For industrial and automotive lubricant manufacturer Sinopec Group of Beijing, China, timely and accurate data collection using Microscan’s Vision HAWK Smart Camera is central to maintaining process efficiency, product quality, and traceability in the company's lean environment.

Global Medical Product Manufacturer Error-Proofs Its Packaging Line with Automated Labeling and Track-and-Trace Solution

Terumo Medical Corporation error-proofs its labeling process with a system that incorporates QX Hawk Imagers on each packaging line to ensure each device receives a correct and readable label that is traceable and compliant with all industry regulations.

Machine Vision Technology Ensures Product Quality and Traceability at Del Monte Foods

A comprehensive Del Monte quality initiative uses Microscan vision systems to ensure product code legibility, and improve labeling accuracy and overall traceability of its canned fruits and vegetables.

Coding & Marking Challenges - Common Industrial Print Techniques and Their Challenges

This white paper describes the most common print techniques in industrial applications, the most common challenges, and the effect these challenges can have on print and code quality.

Gigabit Ethernet Cameras Provide Ampoule Inspection in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Microscan partner ISW GmbH designs a turnkey hardware/software inspection solution for the pharmaceutical industry using Microscan GigE cameras to ensure accurate dimensions and fill levels of ampoules in production.

All-in-One Automated Printing and Inspection Solution Ensures Traceability throughout the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Learn how pharmaceutical manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim utilizes Microscan's AutoVISION machine vision product suite to inspect packaging for regulatory compliance and ensure traceability of products throughout the supply chain.

Take on Today’s Packaging Challenges

Can you trust that the barcode on your packaging will be readable once it’s in the supply chain? Have industry labeling requirements been met? Manufacturers in the food, beverage, and consumer goods industries face these challenges and more. Error-proof your packaging line, improve process efficiency, and ensure supply chain  traceability with barcode and machine vision technologies built to take on today’s challenges.

Packaging Solutions

Microscan's line of solutions for the packaging industry.

Three Ways to Enhance Packaging Line Performance

Learn how machine vision OCR (optical character recognition) can be used in packaging lines to more efficiently ensure compliance with date and lot tracking regulations.

Three-Step Verification for Lean Product Labeling

The leanest labeling processes incorporate verification at three critical steps during manufacturing: Step 1: Verify label data structure offline after code creation; Step 2: Verify label compliance and readability offline after final artwork; Step 3: Verify label print quality inline directly after printing or applying to product.