Life Sciences

Manufacturers within life science industries require 100% data integrity and extremely reliable components that are small enough fit into their machines. 

Whether reading test tube carousels or microtiters, or any automated drug discovery or laboratory task, instrument manufacturers depend on the highest levels of performance and reading flexibility, with minimal integration effort.

As the #1 brand of embedded clinical barcode scanners worldwide, Microscan specializes in embedded data identification and designs custom products to meet our customers’ stringent needs.

Commonly applied Microscan products include compact machine vision systems, engineered solutionsMS-3 barcode scanners and MS-4 imagers.

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Lab Automation Solutions
Clinical Diagnostics Automation Solutions


White Paper: Automated Data Collection Improves Safety
and Efficiency in Clinical Applications
  White Paper: Cap Inspection Provides Critical Information for Lab Automation

We can automate processes to drive down cost and reduce waste.

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Handheld Barcode Imager Ensures Traceability and Accuracy in Laboratory Processes

A reliable HS-21 barcode reader is used as an accessory to the epMotion® 5075 from Eppendorf to identify and track samples and reagents to achieve improved accuracy and efficiency in laboratory processes.

2D Codes Verify Insulin Kit Packaging


At their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, a new pharmaceutical manufacturer uses Data Matrix to automate the product verification system of their home insulin kits.


Label Validation Ensures Inventory Accuracy

A medical manufacturer uses automated label validation to prevent duplicate labels from entering the system.

Bar Codes Used by Clinical Robots

A bar code reader mounted to a robot scans the bar codes on specimen tubes to ensure the accuracy of blood tests performed in a hospital laboratory.

Bar Codes on Specimen Tubes

Learn which bar code scanner manufacturers of automated clinical diagnostic use to track the location of specimen tubes.

Data Matrix Symbols Help Cut Waste and Save Time

Learn how Data Matrix is helping Biosite to reduce waste, save time, and save lives when every minute counts.

CIPAM’s All-in-One DPM Readers with 2D Barcode Imagers from Microscan Ensure Surgical Instrument Traceability

Surgical instrument traceability is crucial for patient safety and preventing loss of valuable assets. Microscan partner CIPAM developed an all-in-one station for reading any direct part marks (DPM) on the surfaces of surgical instruments, allowing operators to easily check in instruments for use.

Integrated Ultra-Compact Barcode Imagers Enable Automated Laboratory Diagnostics

EUROIMMUN embeds the tiny MS-4 imager into its high-performance EUROPattern Microscopes to read Data Matrix codes at close range, ensuring sample data and images are archived to patient IDs for reliable and efficient processing.

Efficient and Reliable Data Matrix Decoding on Vial Trays Using Microscan Smart Camera

Research institute Friedrich Miescher Laboratory (FML) relies on an all-in-one solution using Microscan's C-mount Vision HAWK Smart Camera to accurately and efficiently read and ensure the presence of Data Matrix codes on 96 vials at once.

Cell Analyzers with 2D Barcode Readers Help Streamline Laboratory Workflow, Ensure Quality and Minimize Human Errors

See why Miltenyi Biotec chose Microscan 2D imagers for their analyzers to achieve a single integrated solution for autolabeling of samples and barcode detection of antibodies.

Lab Automation Solutions

Microscan's line of solutions for the lab automation industry.

Using Automated Cap Inspection to Prevent Medical Errors

A cap inspection system is one solution to improve error prevention processes. By inspecting test tubes and caps to collect detailed information such as diameter, cap color, and cap type, instrument manufacturers no longer need to engineer for the worst case scenario.

Automated Data Collection Improves Safety and Efficiency in Clinical Applications

An in-depth evaluation of barcodes and value-added barcode reading subsystems for lab instruments.

Understanding the Role of Auto ID in the FDA’s UDI Initiative

The U.S. FDA’s proposed UDI (Unique Device Identification) program contains much that is of interest to the Auto ID community and to manufacturers and labelers of medical devices. Describes the UDI program, which devices are affected, and implementation of the requirements.

Clinical Diagnostics Solutions

Microscan's line of solutions for clinical diagnostics.

MS-3 Laser Scanners Deliver Seamless Automation for Lipoprotein Measurement

The Vantera Clinical Analyzer from LipoScience performs sophisticated NMR-based lipoprotein analysis and uses four embedded MS-3 Laser Scanners to identify and track samples and diluents.