Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturers produce a multitude of products ranging from consumer goods to industrial controls and electronics. Successful manufacturers rely on automated data tracking as the needs for quality tighten, production throughputs increase, and continual demands for productivity improvements. 

With barcodes and 2D symbols as the backbone of factory floor data tracking, it is critical for contract manufacturers to install imagers that can meet today’s multiple data collection demands and tomorrow’s applications as needs evolve.   

Many contract manufacturers today rely on Microscan readers to capture information from production monitoring, quality tracking, item identification, inventory, materials handling, and tracking lots shipped. 

Common Microscan product solutions include barcode readers and machine vision systems

We can automate processes to drive down cost and reduce waste.

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2D Barcodes on PCB Boards

A contract manufacturer needed to replace their vision system with a reader that could be easily reconfigured between product runs without the use of a monitor or a PC.