Automotive Manufacturing

Production automation, lot tracking, and component traceability are all common requirements for today’s busy automotive assembly plants. To remain competitive with their shop floor data tracking as well as outbound product traceability requirements from manufacturers, many Tier 1-3 automotive suppliers rely on Microscan for their data capture. 

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 Resources for Automotive Industry:
 Overview Automotive Track, Trace and Control Overview: Automotive Track, Trace & Control 
  White Paper: Direct Part Marking Methods 



Industrial Lubricant Manufacturer Relies on Machine Vision for Product Quality and Traceability

For industrial and automotive lubricant manufacturer Sinopec Group of Beijing, China, timely and accurate data collection using Microscan’s Vision HAWK Smart Camera is central to maintaining process efficiency, product quality, and traceability in the company's lean environment.

Smart Cameras Provide Additional Benefits to Auto ID Applications

See how Microscan's Vision MINI smart camera enables a seamless transition from barcode to vision inspection and supports 100% quality control in part labels at Continental AG.

Review of Direct Part Marking Methods

Reviews a wide variety of methods for marking objects with machine-readable symbols in order to track them through the entire life cycle.

Automated Vision Inspection and Parts Traceability in Automotive Assembly Process

At their facility in Shanghai, TRW Automotive completely automates their assembly line using Microscan smart cameras, barcode readers, and lighting equipment to guide robotics, detect quality issues, and ensure each component is tracked from start to finish.

Tier One Automotive Supplier Ensures Quality with Marking and Decoding Solution

Tier One automotive supplier Van-Rob uses direct part marks and HS-41X imagers to successfully track a base component of automotive grille reinforcements throughout the quality process.