Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace assembly and manufacturing facilities require automation, lot tracking, and component traceability to remain competitive. Common aerospace data tracking applications include capturing information from production monitoring, quality test validation, item identification, inventory, materials handling, and tracking lots shipped. 

For stricter control with permanent traceability, Microscan offers Data Matrix verification and symbol quality reports to ensure readability throughout the supply chain.

Microscan product solutions include barcode readers, verifiers, and machine vision systems

We can automate processes to drive down cost and reduce waste.

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Tracking 2D Code on Aero-Engine Parts

An aero-engine manufacturer reads 2D dot peen codes on engine parts with the MS-Q handled imager.

Tracking Engine Blocks

A manufacturer uses fixed bar code readers to increase line speeds and streamline operations.

Review of Direct Part Marking Methods

Reviews a wide variety of methods for marking objects with machine-readable symbols in order to track them through the entire life cycle.

Application of Data Matrix Verification Standards

Discusses the implementation of Data Matrix quality standards and U.S. Department of Defense MIL-STD-130.